What Is Your Marriage Expiration Date?

How would you feel if your marriage or relationship had an expiration date?

YES, I’m super happy with my husband. And, NO, I didn’t hit my head this morning. In fact, last weekend we celebrated our 3-monthaversary of our wedding and we are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together!

Feeling a bit lost? Don’t worry, I would be too! Let me put things in perspective for you.

The day of our wedding was, without a doubt, the happiest day of our lives! Even though, both of us were super nervous in the morning, waiting impatiently to see each other at the church, I wouldn’t change a thing!

This is me getting ready and about to faint from all excitement, nerves, lack of sleep, you name it!

the morning of

Here is my man, trying to look all confident and faking that ‘I can do it, no big deal’ look, but *we all know* freaking out deep inside.

Happy Justin

This is the moment of truth with nowhere to run.

the moment of truth

Here is us, officially married, super excited for what the future holds for us and ready to celebrate!

Finally married

And, finally, this is us dancing the night away!

dancing the night away

So where did it all go wrong??? What if I told you that it happened here!

making it happen

Haha! Are you even more confused than ever? Don’t worry, even we weren’t aware of what was about to happen! Actually, it took us quite a while to even realize that we had an ‘expiration date’!

So how in the world did we get it???

You see, both of our rings have our names and the wedding date engraved on them…

our wedding bands

About 2 months after the wedding, I was showing my dad our wedding pictures, including the one above. He was really surprised because, with all pre-wedding craziness, I forgot to tell him about this little detail. Obviously, like any great dad, he wanted to take a closer look at my wedding band. And then, it happened! I realized that the date was written wrong: 31.8.31 instead of 31.8.13!!! Can you imagine my shock?! I’m not sure if I even slept well that night!

oh no they got my wedding date wrong

That’s when some of my friends started joking around about the expiration date. Clearly, we went to see a jeweler to fix the error, and guess what? We got a NEW ‘expiration’ date instead: 13.8.31! Haha! Anyhow, I strongly believe that the third time is a charm (right?!?!) and I should have the correct wedding date on my band anytime this week! How crazy is that?!

I mostly laughed about it, but, I have to admit, this little inconvenience got me thinking. The truth is we never know how much time we have left with each other on this Earth. Therefore, we should always cherish our moments together, love each other more, and live our lives to the fullest without any excuses, because any day could be our last. I believe in working on relationships and not in giving up when things get tougher, because as we said at the alter “For better or for worse”!

Now let me ask you. Has anything crazy happened to you on your wedding day? How did you go about it?



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