Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution List!

As the holidays are quickly approaching, so is the ‘season’ of setting New Year’s resolutions. Personally, I see it as a good thing and a bad thing. Good – because people tend to see the new year as an opportunity to start fresh, and bad – because they tend to come up with a list of somewhat unattainable and unrealistic goals that are forgotten only after a few weeks.

Think about it, the majority of gym subscriptions happen in the first two weeks of January. There is an overflow of people, not necessary because they really want to work out, but because they feel bad about all the food they ate during holidays. So after a couple of weeks, when the excitement is worn out, anxiety, guilt and disappointment settle in as people fail to keep up with their own expectations. And that SUCKS!

In my opinion, you should set ACHIEVABLE and yet CHALLENGING goals. The problem with shooting for an unrealistic goal is that you may set yourself up for a failure.  It’s so much easier to give up when you see that you’re far from reaching your goal. However, once you set a manageable goal and achieve it, you’re motivated to combat another challenge. Not only it’s a healthy way to go about it, it’s also SUSTAINABLE. Would you agree?

Say NO to New Year's Resolutions

Therefore, this year, I say, DITCH your list of New Year’s resolutions and say YES to a healthy lifestyle. Set realistic but challenging goals every week not to prove something to someone, but to better yourself and to have a great healthy life!

Who is with me? 



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11 responses to “Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution List!

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  3. M

    I agree! I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions, as I try to make good habits an ongoing part of my life year-round!

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