How To Convince Your Lazy Friend To Be Your Workout Buddy

First of all, my dear lazy friend, you know who you are, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!

To the rest of you, we’ve all got a friend who constantly tells you that she would love and possibly should join you in your fitness endeavors, and yet there is always something. It could be a lack of time, too much stress, too many shows to watch *haha!*, in other words, excuses, excuses.



So I thought, why not help my friend out with her fitness quest, and at the same time help you all to *HOPEFULLY* get a gym buddy! Here are the results of my brainstorm session:

  • Go to a sportswear store with your friend and buy some CUTE workout clothes together. Make sure to go all the way out: shoes, pants, nice tops. It’s always fun to show off your sexy curves in a new cute outfit at the gym! *Girls, you KNOW it!*
  • Sign up for a fun class together. I heard that pole dancing is an insane workout! I’m sure that your friend’s significant other will appreciate it too and will even help you out just to get her there! Haha! Fine… Hot yoga or Zumba could be fun too!
  • Bring your friend to check out your gym, using a free pass that you normally get when signing up or renewing your membership. If she likes it, suggest starting out with a seasonal membership to feel less pressured. Plus, who likes to workout at the gym in summer, anyway?!
  • Register NOW for a fun race in early spring! That’s great motivation to keep on exercising regularly for you and your girlfriend.
  • Try out different classes at the gym; it’s like bar hopping, just healthy! WORD!
  • Suggest reading some fun fitness magazines or blogs *UHEM! Haha!* for her to learn more and to get pumped up for the next work out or challenge! 

What are your thoughts? How do you get your friend to come to work out with you?



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3 responses to “How To Convince Your Lazy Friend To Be Your Workout Buddy

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  2. Hi,

    Great post thanks for info!

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