A Puppy A Day Melts My Heart Away

I’m telling you! My heart literally melted away over this weekend! I’m totally smitten and in love with our new puppy, Bella.

Bella - German Shepherd

She is truly a beauty! And if you think that this pretty face is a darling, you are mistaken! She is a little troublemaker and a daredevil!

Bella playing - German Shepherd

Bella doesn’t discriminate against anything! She’ll bite whatever comes her way: fingers, noses and ears included.

Bella sleeping - German Shepherd

Bella can be a pretty sweet lady, though; when she sleeps…


… or when she eats!

And now after yet another running-around-the-house ‘workout’ session, we are due to sleep some more!


Nighty night!



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4 responses to “A Puppy A Day Melts My Heart Away

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  4. Grateful for sharing thhis

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