Workout Nutrition: The Ultimate Guide

For some reason lately I’ve been hearing more and more girls making comments about how unhappy they are with their weight. It might be an effect of the post holiday season, but I also blame media for influencing the way we see ourselves. However, this feeling is not strange to me either.


Source: Image by Samantha Hatten

As a former gymnast from Ukraine, I struggled with my body image for many years as well. From a very early age, I’d been constantly weighed in front of others and told about how my body should and shouldn’t like. When I went to a university, many of my friends started dieting, and I even remember how at some point I hadn’t eaten anything at all for a few days and drank just water.

I’ve never really been overweight, and yet only a couple of years ago I didn’t feel comfortable wearing short shorts or a bathing suit… And this is SO WRONG! I am sick and tired of a perceived image of what our bodies should look like. Our happiness should not depend on a number on a scale!

Even though I feel comfortable with the way I look now and for the first time in my life don’t strive to lose any weight, I am still learning about how to eat properly. It’s definitely challenging to change old habits. Yet, if there is willingness, everything is possible! Don’t you think?

Anyhow, I found this great guide on Pinterest and figured I’d share it with you. Oh, c’mon, don’t give me that “I eat properly already” excuse, there is always room for new knowledge and improvement! *BOOM!* Fueling our bodies before, during and after the workout is detrimental to our fitness success. Therefore, without further ado: the ultimate guide to workout nutrition.

Ultimate workout nutrition guide


What are your thoughts about this guide? What are your favorite pre- and post-workout food? I’d love to know!



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16 responses to “Workout Nutrition: The Ultimate Guide

  1. thanks for sharing these tips — definitely a lot of good info to navigate through. i usually work out first thing in the am and prefer not to eat anything, but if i’m going on a long run or am hungry, i’ll snag a healthy granola bar. post workout, a banana is always my first craving!

    • Hi Shawna! A couple of times I went for a long morning run without eating and I regretted it later. Never again! Haha! It makes a huggggeeee difference! I love bananas too, they are my saviours!

      Thank you for stopping by!


  2. Reblogged this on Babe In Training and commented:
    Too true.

  3. 100 Days of KALE

    Love this! Do you mind if I reblog this?
    Depending on cardio, strength, or circuit, my favorite snacks are oranges, almonds,bananas, or eggs.

  4. A great guide! It makes me really sad to hear girls talk about their own or other women’s bodies in a derogatory way – it’s so not important in the scheme of things. We need to keep the negative out!

  5. Loved this post Olena – thank you. Candy xo

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