Dealing With An Unforeseen Injury + A Great 20-Minute Total Arm Workout

Last week was really unsuccessful for me in terms of running and, to be honest, I was really looking forward to a 10 km weekend run. However, it wasn’t meant to happen.

Early Saturday, I decided to take my little German Shepherd pup Bella for a nice walk outside. My walk lasted a whole 2 seconds as I slipped off the top step of  our condo entrance with the little princess in my arms and flew down to the ground. To help you picture my grand fall, think of Kevin’s sleigh ride from a house stairway…

home alone

Just without a sleigh, on my back, and off this stairway:

Home Sweet Home

I know, I’m laughing it now, but it was really scary! There was  black ice on the stairs and the next moment all I saw was the sky. Anyhow, I’m glad that I didn’t hit my head as I was falling down and, thus, am still alive, and that my puppy didn’t get hurt either! Poor little thing!

As you can imagine, I really hurt my lower back and have to wait to run again for a couple of days, just to be safe. Oh well! I decided not to dwell too much on it and work on my arms meanwhile instead. *All I want is nice toned arms, is it too much to ask for? Haha!*

I started off my workout with this  Strong Arms, Back & Shoulders Yoga Routine from Tara Stiles for a warm up.

*I KNEW IT! You reaaaallyyyyy missed my recent plank workout! WINK WINK*

Then, since I don’t have any dumbbells at home, I grabbed two 1-litter jars of tomato sauce *That’s how you know I married an Italian!* and went ahead with the following Total Arm Workout.

Okay, I have to admit that I’ll probably have to invest in a set of dumbbells because doing Curl & Flip with JARS was somewhat *definitely an understatement!* challenging.

By the way, here is my *BY FAR* favorite ‘weight’!

Arm workout with Bella

What is your favorite arm workout? Also, how do you deal with injuries?



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10 responses to “Dealing With An Unforeseen Injury + A Great 20-Minute Total Arm Workout

  1. I’m so sorry about your fall – I almost did that a few times on Saturday and I think I’ll be keeping my long runs inside for a while thankyouverymuch!

  2. Sorry to hear about your injury. Hopefully you recover soon, but kudos for still getting a workout in – you are an inspiration! I got a laugh out of the tomato sauce dumbbells. I remember doing similar until I finally bought a pair. 🙂

    • I know! As I was doing this workout I was scared to get another injury by dropping one of the bottles on my foot. I guess, I had to add that it’s a great way to work on your grip too! Haha!

      Also, thank you for the kind words, Jess, I’m hoping to go for a run on Thursday if everything is okay.


  3. Ouch! Glad that you’re okay, that sounds like a horrible fall!!
    I injured my knee about a month ago, and only just got back on the treadmill last night. I can only walk at this stage, because anything faster is just too much for my knee. But you just have to take it easy and listen to your body, listen to the old ‘better safe than sorry’.
    Love your attitude though, and in keeping up with what exercise you can manage 🙂

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