Don’t Get Left Behind—Strengthen Your Glutes: A 30-Minute Glute-Building Bodyweight Workout

My first ever Super Spartan Race is only 5 months away!WOOP WOOP! For those of you who don’t know what exactly it is, the Super Spartan obstacle mud race is 13+ km (8+ miles) long and provides 20+ obstacles. If you can’t successfully complete any given obstacle you have to do 30 burpees. In other words, if you’re really bad you can and up doing 600+ burpees along the way! And we all know that burpees aren’t fun, like, not at all!!!

Spartan Race

As someone who started running barely 6 months ago, I am excited and terrified at the same time. Wait! How dare you think that I’m scared of the distance?! *Pfffff! Haha!* I feel very comfortable running it. However, I’ve always been a very competitive person and simply want to have a better time than the middle of a pack. So I’ve got quite a challenge cut out for me! What do you think?

Currently, my training involves a lot of strength training *which I still have to bump up a notch or TWO!* and quite a bit of running, in order to improve my endurance. But in order to have a better time, I have to run FASTER. *OKAY! It didn’t take me THAT long to figure it out! Haha!* 

While doing a little research, I found out that a ‘secret recipe’ could be in my BUTT. *That didn’t sound right!* No, you are not hallucinating! Apparently, Gluteus Maximus muscles can make a huge difference when it comes to speed and, therefore, time. *I’m telling you, I always knew that my behind was a powerhouse! Haha!*


According to Nikki Kimball from Runner’s World, “When we run, the glutes hold our pelvis level and steady, extend our hip, propel us forward, and keep our legs, pelvis, and torso aligned. So when our glutes are faulty, our entire kinetic chain gets disrupted. Studies link glute weakness to Achilles tendinitis, shinsplints, runner’s knee, and iliotibial-band syndrome. Indeed, many injured runners I treat come to physical therapy with strong abdominals and backs but weak glutes.” 

Some quite serious stuff, if you ask me! *By the way, in case you missed it, you can check out my previous post to learn more about common running injuries and how to prevent them.*

Got Glutes

I came across this 30-minute glute-building bodyweight workout, which means that it could be easily done at home without any equipment required!!! *a definite BONUS in my books!*

Running and Glutes: The 30-minute glute-building bodyweight workout


What are your thoughts? What are your favorite ways to strengthen your glutes? How do you improve your speed?



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17 responses to “Don’t Get Left Behind—Strengthen Your Glutes: A 30-Minute Glute-Building Bodyweight Workout

  1. I think you’ve inspired me to do a Spartan race!! I wanna be hardcore like you!!! 🙂 Which one are you doing?

  2. My favorite ways to improve my butt (cuz it seriously needs improvement – all those fat years left their damage) is different lunges, squats, single-leg deadlifts, etc. I like (hate actually but I know the benefits) sprinting intervals for increasing my speed. I also do a combo of strength-training circuits and cardio to help with both. Also, the circuits are really fun. Makes time fly by.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! You have a cool set-up here. I’ll have to come by as it’s exactly in my line of interest. 😀 Good luck with your Spartan Race! I hope you get an awesome time!

    • Thank you so much! You’re so sweet! Somehow, I forget lunges from time to time, so I have to look into it again and see if I can come up with something fun and effective. Sprints are also great! I sweat like a mad woman, but as you mentioned, the benefits outweigh any inconveniences 🙂

      And you’re welcome to pass by anytime! It’s great to meet. hear back and build friendships with some great people out there in the blog world, yourself included.


  3. The Spartan races sounds somewhat insane, but absolutely amazing!! Wishing you all the best with conquering them 🙂
    Glutes are certainly important, thank you for sharing the workout!! My physio mentioned the importance and gave me a few exercises to help about a month ago and it really does make a big difference. Can’t wait to give this a go too!!

    • Yeah, it seems like butts are not only for looks haha! Let me know how you like it, darling! xoxo

      • Haha, indeed xD
        I had to skip the skater squats and the plank (at first few attempts of both my knees threw on the towel), but I’m feeling the burn and it was fairly easy to follow. It was light enough to not collapse in this heat, but still working (although that might be because I’m not sure I did the Romanian dead lifts properly – had to hold on to my dresser to not fall over).
        Thanks again for sharing! Looking forward to the next one 😉

      • You’re very welcome! And thank you for the feedback ❤

  4. Wow, Spartan Race sounds amazing and is an awesome goal! My old physio used to say the same thing, that it’s all about building up your butt and hips to improve your running. Great post 🙂

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  6. I like this routine.. Just gave it a go, hard going but I’m going to keep with for a while and see how it goes. Thanks for sharing x

  7. Thats awesome! Good Luck!!! I want to try this next year!!!! 🙂

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