Fashion & Health: 10 Trends That Are Bad For You

Fashion is always lots of fun! I’m sure that pretty much every single lady would agree with this statement. And you know what? As long as it doesn’t turn into an obsession *even though I totally looooove and have read the entire Shopoholic series by Sophie Kinsella*, it could be treated as a great passion/hobby/stress-reliever for anybody out there.

But what happens when at some point the popular trends actually become dangerous for our health? Should we forego health for looks or vice?

10 fashion trends that are bad for your health


I personally don’t wear high heels every day, just on special occasions. However, I do remember that when I lived in Ukraine, majority of women wore them all times despite the pain or discomfort; and what’s even more scary, I was one of them.

What are the trends you’re trying to avoid? How do you manage potential health hazards? I’d love to hear your opinions! Bring it on!



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18 responses to “Fashion & Health: 10 Trends That Are Bad For You

  1. This is my favorite info graphic so far – but I’ll never give up flip flops… I LOVE them!

  2. I went with flip flops as often as possible when I was growing up. I added almost-constant heels to that in college and the result was a shin splint. It hurt soooooo badly!!! Doctor said my feet had special issues with pronation and that I’d need special inserts in my shoes. Now I only wear my special running shoes, hiking boots, and special sandals.

    The heavy purses doesn’t make sense to me. I know women do it but I don’t know why they do it. I mean, we all complain about how heavy our backpacks are in school, so why haul around so much junk in your purse when you finally don’t have to? I specifically have a small purse when I go out with friends and then transfer my wallet over to my backpack when I need to go anywhere with my kid because it’s easier to carry all his stuff on my back than on my shoulder. My shoulders slope anyway so I’ve never liked carrying my purse on my shoulder. ugh. Purses suck!

    I pierced my ears twice and wondered why I kept getting infections. Like, all the time. I let the 2nd set heal but the 1st set are there to stay, not that I’ll ever use them again I think. I found out some years later that I’m allergic to the metal they use in earrings! pfft! What a waste of money and pain. And a butt-load of cute earrings. I really miss wearing earrings though. They made my short-ish neck look longer. =T I know there are special earrings that are hypo-allergenic or whatever but they’re expensive and it’s not important enough anymore.

    I still don’t understand why people tan. My dad fights skin cancer by going to the dr every year to get pre-cancerous skin cells burned off his face. Why would I voluntarily set myself up for that later in life?! Except I’ll probably have to do it anyway because I always forget about sunscreen and I like to run outside when the weather’s nice. =T Ah well. But at least I don’t go to the tanning bed! I’ll be white. I don’t mind it.

    I’m a victim of the mp3 player though. In fact, I started losing my hearing years ago though it’s not that bad, just inconvenient in crowded places. I can’t distinguish voices very well so it’s all an overwhelming wave of babble. I also have tinnitus but that’s not entirely from my music. I’ve been a huge aspirin-taker for the majority of my life and that hasn’t helped my ears. But I have a feeling it was mostly the loud music that did it. I like the surround sound. I try to turn it down when the music is in my ears but sometimes the volume creeps up on me. =T

    • Oh wow, it’s true though, so many people put music WAY too loud. Sometimes I’m on a bus and can clearly hear songs playing on an Ipod of someone standing in the opposite end of a bus. That’s terrible, and sometimes, frankly, annoying if they are right next to you and all you want to do is get an extra few minutes of sleep! haha!

      When I went to see a chiropractor a while ago, he suggested to wear a purse over the opposite shoulder and switch up the sides daily. Otherwise, your posture will undeniably be ruined. Crazy stuff!

      Thank you so much for stopping by, sweetie pie! xoxo

  3. Really interesting stuff there, thanks for sharing! Perhaps I should ditch the skinny jeans after all…

  4. – High heels: Like you, I only wear them on special occasions. I also only wear them if I know there will not be a lot of walking. I don’t know how women wear them to places like the mall or a grocery store.

    – Tanning: I am definitely guilty of this! My husband and I love to be tan during the summer, and refuse to delve into the world of spray tans. We tan both outside and in tanning beds. I know it’s very, very bad, which is why we don’t do it too often. We actually haven’t tanned in almost two years. I’ve also seen the crazy difference between my aunts who live on an island where it’s summer all year round– they don’t purposely tan. They do get a lot of sun exposure, but it’s not because they lay out in it for hours. Their skin still looks so young and nearly wrinkle-free for their ages. My husband’s mom, on the other hand, used to pride herself in being the sun goddess. She still tans when the weather permits (she’s from Florida, so that’s almost every day. Her skin is so dry and wrinkly, similar to beef jerky.

    – MP3 Players: This one I still do! I also very much agree that it increases your heart rate. When I run without music, I can remain calm and breathe normally. When I use an MP3 player when I do run, I notice my heart starts beating faster, and I start breathing in weird patterns that make me tired faster.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I don’t like to be pale either, I guess we have to just use enough protection like sun screen and avoid getting burned at all cost. Also music is important when we exercise; however, lately I’ve made it a point to be aware of how loud my music is. In your case though, the only thing I can think of is maybe to control your breathing, so hopefully it can help you control your heart rate and it’s pattern.


  5. Really enjoyed reading this, Olena! Fun to read and super informative and empowering too.

  6. cailinceol

    Have to say…the ‘risks’ of tattooing and piercing can be minimized greatly and virtually made extinct when proper guidelines are adhered to! 🙂 (I have loads and no issues!) I don’t wear heels much though!

  7. Kim

    I love this! Ha. I do love my flip flops though….

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