On A Mission To Have Killer Legs: Leg Slimming, Butt & Thigh Workout With A Ballet Twist

Okay, I’m about to tell you something which is kind of ridiculous and doesn’t really make sense, so PUH-LEASE don’t laugh at me. I saw this picture and it INSPIRED me to do a leg workout…

Leg day before & after

Yup, you heard that right, I was inspired!

The truth is I love to feel sore because I know that my body is becoming stronger. And I feel… well… ALIVE! Plus, I’ve never met a girl who wouldn’t want to have beautiful strong lean legs. I mean, isn’t it sexy?!?! To top it all off, working your legs facilitates building the rest of your body. Unfortunately, however, leg training is frequently underestimated or, even worse, ignored.

I started off with this Leg Slimming Pilates.

Followed by a Ballet Leg workout.

Let’s make those legs shaky!

Last but not least, I wanted to share this picture with you which I think is HILARIOUS. Didn’t we all have this problem at some point of time? I remember that time when I tried Insanity for the first time *and was really out of shape*, I could barely walk for a few days after that: a bathroom was definitely perceived as a torture chamber. Haha!

After a leg workout

What are your favorite ways to work your legs out? What are some of the funniest stories that happened to you when you worked out just ‘a tiny bit’ too much?



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12 responses to “On A Mission To Have Killer Legs: Leg Slimming, Butt & Thigh Workout With A Ballet Twist

  1. I have to try out these videos, they look great! Thanks so much for sharing! Also, that e-card is hysterical and so true after a tough workout! Have a great week!

    • Thank you, Sara! I was laughing too, big time! I even asked my hubby if it was appropriate or not, but then figured that hopefully my readers have enough sense of humor to relate to it 🙂 Let me know how you like it & thank you very much for stopping by!


  2. The e card is totally accurate. That happens all the time. I often struggle going down stairs after leg workouts too. I just had a leg day two days ago so I’m feeling it now but I ran yesterday and I feel less stiff after

  3. I’d forgotten until I read this how much I used to love leg pilates, I really should try them again!
    This didn’t happen in a workout, but a race, I pushed extra hard and there was a lot of downhill that basically tore the muscles in my quads up. When I finished the race I went to use the port-o-pottie and when I went to stand up I realized I literally had no muscle strength left to get up to, I tried like 20 times. I sat on the toilet for a while and realized I had a problem, and told myself I had one shot at this. I grabbed urinal on the side (yuck) and used my arms to yanked myself up in one quick motion, banging into the door. Pulled my shorts up quick and left there, all the people around were staring, I didn’t care I was just glad I found a way out so I didn’t have to call for help. LOL – To this day if I have to use the bathroom after a race, I choose to hold it until I can get back to the privacy of a hotel room:)

    • OMG! This is halarious! I mean, I feel super bad for you, but it must have been scary for you as well. Plus, those toilets are nastyyyyy! I’m so happy you didn’t pick up any deceases there. Thank you for stopping by, my dear! xoxo

  4. No More Excuses

    I completely agree! Love feeling sore, means I did something right. Great post, definitely going to try those workouts, legs are my biggest trouble zone so maybe they will help 🙂

  5. It feels like my arms and back are always screaming at me when I peel my sports bra over my head 🙂

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  7. LOL More than once the day after (and sometimes 2-3 days after) I went to a Circuit Fusion class, I’d have to use the handicap bar to use the toilet. My butt/thighs would hurt SO much! That’s what happens when you have a former bodybuilder teaching the class. LOL!! On those days immediately after class we all would have to walk down about 2 flights of stairs. Even the instructor had to hold onto the hand rails! Our legs would shake so badly. LOL! But she really helped my legs get so strong. I wasn’t able to do lunges before my thighs and knees were so weak. Now I can do jump lunges!

    • OMG! If the instructor is holding on to the rail, it must be something spectacular! I also once took a spinning class, and after an intense super sweaty 45-minute workout, our instructor made us run up 10 stories and down. It was something!

      Jump lunges, huh?! That’s awesome! xoxo

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