Ending The Week On a Flexible Note: Pilates Flexibility Workout Routine

It’s finally Friday! I’m so happy that I am literally doing an imaginary twirl right this moment. You should try too, it’s so much fun! Haha!

It’s been a long week because our little puppy *or shall I say our little shark… wait… I think I’ll settle for piranha…* is teething. For those of you who’ve never dealt with a teething puppy, think of a thousand needles piercing your body at any given point of time, all day, EVERY DAY. Add some curiosity a.k.a. constant running around and you’ll end up with this:

Bella on my laptop

Little punk!

Anyhow, I felt that it would be appropriate to finish the week off with a nice stretching routine to de-stress, re-energize and make my muscles relax – a perfect way to start the weekend off the right foot. I chose the following under 20-minute pilates flexibility workout. It’s fairly straight forward, all you have to do is to hold each position for 30 seconds.

Pilates Flexibility Workout Routine


You can also check out this quick Yoga workout and learn the benefits of each pose, if you’d like.


What are your thoughts on this workout? What are your favorite ways to relax and re-focus? I’d love to know!



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15 responses to “Ending The Week On a Flexible Note: Pilates Flexibility Workout Routine

  1. Pinned it! One of my goals for this year is to work on flexibility!

  2. absgoldberg

    Love using yoga as a way to relax and let my body recover form other workouts a bit. Poor puppy, I had no idea puppies teeth but I guess there’s no reason why they wouldn’t. I recently tagged you in a post btw 🙂

    • Hi there! Was it by any chance because you wanted to make fun of my use of exclamation marks?! Haha! This is so strange though, because I never got a ping back, I would have thanked you ages ago. *I just put an exclamation right after ‘ago’ and then got super aware of it and erased it lol (plus, I’m really resisting to put it right now after ‘lol’)* Send me a link, I’m curious now!!!!!!!!! (just to make up for all of the previous temptations haha!) xoxo

  3. Um jealous of your adorable pup! I remember mine at teething phase, those little needle teeth are just plain evil. She chewed on a LOT of ice cubes!

    • Hi Emmeline (btw love your name)!

      I know, right? They are like little monsters that don’t back off. We tried to give ice cubes to her, but she keeps on playing with them more than chewing on it. But I should try it again, you never know.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and for the tip! xoxo

  4. This is a great one! Can’t wait until I’m well enough to try it!

  5. Like the look of this workout! Ps your dog is ahhhhmazzzzingly adorable lol I went through the teething thing a year ago with my Georgie pup, it gets better! 🙂

  6. Great post. I definitely need to include more yoga moves into my routine. And like everyone has said, you have such a cute puppy 🙂

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