When The Cold *unfortunately* Wins The Battle & Reddit’s Super Useful Guide To Fitness: From Skinny or Fat to FIT

As I am writing this, I have a splitting headache that doesn’t seem to go away, uncontrollable *and very loud* sneezing and fever. I am sick… I hate being sick. First of all, I don’t like feeling or looking sick *I must admit, it is a very sad and really not attractive pity look*. And… I am about to start crying here… I didn’t get to work out today! BEING SICK SUCKS!

Recently, one of my fellow bloggers Laura from This Is Thirty was also unfortunate to get a flu and wrote an interesting blog post: Am I too sick to run? What are your thoughts on exercising when sick? *obviously when you have no fever*

I’ll keep my post very short and sweet because, to be honest with you, all I want to do is lie down and rest. So here is some food for thought.

REDDIT Guide to fitness


I personally like this Infographic a lot because it’s a great reminder for me that I’ve got to start pumping some iron soon. Not only that it helps you to become stronger and tones your body, but it is also super sexy when a girl knows what she’s doing on that side of the gym! *Yes, I just said it! Girls + Lifting = SEXY!!!*

What are your thoughts? Also what are you suggestions on how to start lifting properly?

Be healthy & DON’T get sick!



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12 responses to “When The Cold *unfortunately* Wins The Battle & Reddit’s Super Useful Guide To Fitness: From Skinny or Fat to FIT

  1. Oh no! I’m so sorry you’re sick! Didn’t you have a trip planned too? Stay hydrated, rest and get well soon! Sending millions of positive thoughts your way! xoxo

    • Thank you, darling! ❤ And yes the trip is still happening because now we have some of our friends relying on our car. So yah, I'm hoping that magic happens and I recover asap to enjoy the weekend and not to be a Debbie downer for everyone else. xoxo

  2. I’m so sorry you are sick, I hope it clears up quickly! My biggest advice for people starting to lift is to go light and ensure your form is proper. You can lift super heavy weights, but if you aren’t doing it correctly, you can injure yourself and you won’t see the benefit it can bring.

    • Thank you so much for sweet words, Sara! Also thanks for the advice! I guess it makes sense. I was used to be super strong in my upper body when I did rhythmic gymnastics, but that strength disappears very quickly 🙂 xoxo

  3. Hope you get better quick.

  4. Oh no! Feel better soon!!! I had the flu back in early December and I got knocked down for 8 or 9 days, it was brutal. Stay smart and eat a ton of soup, no rushing back to running no matter how tempting!

    • I knoooow. I’m just super bummed because I had to skip running for 2 weeks after falling down the stairs and this week I was super happy to run and now it was cut short lol! Thank you for your kind words, darling!!! xoxo

  5. I try to exercise when I’m sick (as I currently am). There are times when I don’t though.
    -if the effort causes me to cough a lot
    -if I’m having trouble breathing
    -if I have fever
    -if I feel so lousy that I seriously would rather die than breathe another second (in which case if I was working I’d be taking a day off work too)

    Other than that if I can exercise I will. And I’m proving that to myself right now. I’ve been sick since last weekend but have pushed myself to keep on going with my routine. I try to take Airborne 2-3 times a day too. It’s been helping a lot and I’ve bypassed the worst of the cold (I got to see it played out in my son first).

    Yay for not missing any time!

    Good luck getting healthy again soon! Being sick suuuuuucks!!

  6. belkuek

    Love this post 🙂 Thanks for the super useful info graphic!
    Oh no, get well soon Olena! I think it’s fine to exercise when one is sick, just maybe at a lower intensity. Exercised when I fell sick countless of times, except there were a couple of times my flu escalated to losing my voice shortly after my exercise. Not too sure if it was caused by my exercising though.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Bel! Thank you very much for stopping by! It had happened to me too, when I was a bit sick and went for a jog still and was sick for 1 month afterwards. It really sucked! So I am trying to be more careful and patient now.


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