Forgetfulness & Health Benefits Of Meditation

I think I’m getting old. No, for real! I’m not sure what this Monday was all about but I’m forgetting things, like IMPORTANT things. Don’t believe me? Well, you tell me!


  1. I couldn’t remember where I put my wedding and engagement rings during our trip up north. *Okay, fine, I knew that they were in my purse, but then I couldn’t find them there because they fell out from a pocket I put them in. I made my hubby to do a detour to come back home to check pockets of my sweater, only to find them back in the car in my purse.*
  2. I forgot my Ipod at work which is a MUST have when I run. *As a result, I had to use my phone as a replacement. But then I had to ask Justin for his headphones because I couldn’t remember where I out mine.*
  3. I completely forgot *or maybe simply didn’t realize* that my gym membership expired last week… and forgot to bring my wallet with me *on the day when my hubby dropped me off there to top it off*. Thank goodness, a guy was nice enough to let me in to work out.

Isn’t forgetfulness a sign of aging? Or could it be a sign that I’m stressed out and mentally tired? In all honesty, I’m hoping it’s the latter! Haha!

Stress vs productivity during a work day


Alright, my day looks nothing like that. But I’m sure you know what I mean!

So what do I have planned for a workout today?

Run 4 miles and perform 15 burpees every 15 minutes (If you can’t do 15 continuous repetitions, do 3 sets of 5 with 30 seconds in between each set).

Afterwards, I decided to have my first meditation session ever to get my stress levels under control. I find that the following Infographic provided me with the important basics to get me started. What do you think?

Benefits of meditation


Do you meditate on a regular basis? What helps you get into the mood?



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15 responses to “Forgetfulness & Health Benefits Of Meditation

  1. I could not sit in that pose for the life of me, zero flexibility. I’ve never meditated and I’ve only done yoga a few times, it just doesn’t suit me very well. I’d rather de-stress with a good book, a mindless movie, or a walk with my dogs 🙂

  2. Good luck with the meditation. I always find my mind goes crazy and I start thinking of 10,000 things I need to do when I’m in yoga or meditating. I guess practice makes perfect though and it’s such a good destressor!

  3. I don’t meditate, so I am interested to hear how it goes for you. I get really forgetful when I am super stressed!! Yoga has helped me a lot with that!

    • I’ll definitely let you know, Sara! I’ve done yoga too, I find it calmes me down quite a bit. By the way, I meant to ask a while ago, but I can’t seem to find your blog when I click on your name, you might want to look into that! Plus, I am really curious to read it, so please give me a link! xoxo

    • Nevermind, I just made a connection ❤ However, do look into this issue, the link should always bring you to your new site ❤

  4. I’ve been wanting to try meditation forever – I can’t wait to hear how you like it. I am forgetful too – but it comes and goes. I think it is definitely related to stress – the more stressed I am, the more I become forgetful!

  5. I haven’t meditated in years, but your post reminded me of a class I took where the teacher would have us all lay down and do a meditation to rest each muscle in our body, I forgot I really enjoyed that until just now!
    I am super forgetful too, I just realized late last night that I let my drivers license expire a week ago, I’ve really got to get on that…

  6. Hi! What a great post – so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I’ve been trying to meditate more, but always seem to be thinking about doing it instead of just doing it! I’d love an at-home candle-lit totally zen personal yoga studio to do it, but a girl can dream, right? I printed out this post and hope to try some of the techniques tonight 🙂

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    write ups thanks once again.

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