Mountain Climbers: Your Arms, Legs And Core Will Thank You! Also, A Great 500 Ab Workout

It’s very hard not to love high impact exercises that don’t require any equipment at all and can be done pretty much anywhere. Some of those exercises are: the burpee and the plank. It’s one of those love-hate relationships for me. However, today I’d like to talk about MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS. Not only it’s a plyometric exercise that tones your arms, legs and core, but it also strengthens the cardiovascular system. And no, you don’t have to climb a mountain to do them!

Seems simple enough, right?! But don’t be fooled! There are so many health benefits to this exercise:

  1. Core Strength
  2. Power Training: lower body
  3. Strengthen heart and lungs
  4. Burn calories *=FAT*

Not enough a challenge? Try placing hands on top of a medicine ball!

mountain climbers with a medicine ball


According to the Spartan Race blog, “When the race course turns vertical, you’ll also appreciate the power you’ve generated with your time spent mountain climbing. While you’re down on the ground, you can also do a few 25′ bear crawls to better ready yourself for barbed wire obstacles.”

One of the ways to incorporate mountain climbers in your workout is to drop and perform 1 to 3 sets of 10-30 mountain climbers at the half way point during your routine run. Whatever gets your heart pumping, right?!



I’m sorry! I couldn’t resist the temptation to post this picture. I mean, how ridiculously funny it is?!?! Haha!

Anyhow, moving on to today’s workout. This is what is going to happen (as per the Spartan race training guide).

Interval running

10 reps: 10-second hill (sprint), 10-second rest
5 reps: 20-second hill (very high intensity), 20-second rest
3 reps: 30-second hill (high intensity), 10-second rest

Do not stop until all 18 intervals are complete. Walk for 5 minutes to recover, and repeat for half the reps. Jog easy for 20 minutes.

AB 500 

25 crunches
50 bicycles
50 back-scratchers
50 rotating crunches
25 leg-lowers
50 scissor-kicks
50 side-crunches
50 bicycles
50 back-scratchers

** You can find how to do all of these exercises properly here.

Don't give up


What are your favorite high impact exercises? How do you add them to your workouts?



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39 responses to “Mountain Climbers: Your Arms, Legs And Core Will Thank You! Also, A Great 500 Ab Workout

  1. I love plyo! It was my fav of the p90x workouts and is my fav in Insanity now too. I guess I love hard workouts? Jumping? Who knows haha.

  2. These are great! I need you to be my personal trainer!

  3. YES! I love body resistive work and I am a huge Insanity fan.

    PS I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award! Congrats!

  4. I love the “Poor Man’s Plastic Surgery” picture – cracked me up!!! That 500 workout looks amazing, I’ll try it soon!

  5. This post is perfect timing since I was searching for a core workout to do. I’m definitely going to try this, although a 500 ab workout sounds daunting and super hard! haha I love/hate mountain climbers. They’re an amazing exercise and so hard. Just like burpees they get my heart rate climbing 🙂 Thanks for the workout

  6. I love plyometric work outs which is probably why I loved the Insanity program. All of these are great workout ideas, I love how insightful your post are…keep up the great work!

    • Aww thank you sooooo much Sara! You are super sweet! I love your blog too, I’m super curious about how your Boston marathon training program is going along. Plus, I totally loved reading about your little son, but then you knew it already! ❤ xoxo

  7. Mountain Climbers DO NOT get enough love. Its all about Burpee’s…but Mountain Climbers are awesome I agree

  8. Such a simple exercise but yet so effective! This is great!

  9. That sounds like a great workout! I love a good hard workout!!!

  10. I love mountain climbing 😉
    Started to add it sporadically into some of my workouts a while back, and when my knees cooperate it feels awesome afterwards 😀
    Thanks for sharing an insight into what the Spartan training is like – was curious how you were going with training for the races. Keep up the awesomeness!! Xx

  11. Love incorporating Mountain Climbers as well! My favorite impact move is a burpee…so many variations and full-body challenge.

  12. I’ve been looking for exercises to do at home with no equipment, I’m going to give this mountain climber a try sometime, looks like it burns 🙂

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