Wine 101: A Girl’s Guide To Wine & Pairing Pointers For Palate Perfection + Cheaper Than Health Care Workout

To me Saint Valentine’s Day is about my hubby, love… and WINE!

I’ve learnt to appreciate wine from young age. *No, my parents DIDN’T let me drink when I was 5!*  My great-grandfather made his own wine and my dad took after him; so whenever I visit my parents, they always have a bottle of home wine at the table for us to savor.

Anyhow… back to Saint Valentines. To me, it is the day when I make a point to show my appreciation for the love of my life. I don’t really care for gifts, even though I love giving *but not shopping forthem. I am also not very keen on going out for supper that day because… well… it’s just too many cheesy people in there that day! Haha! *On a side note, there are always two camps out there: 1 – couples who are super lovey dovey, just a ted too much, for everyone to see, 2 – single waitresses who are hating on those couples for how happy they are, which I find hilarious!* Gosh, I get distracted too easily… back to the story… So I like to have a romantic dinner at home with a nice bottle of wine *There! HA! I finished my story haha!*

However, sometimes I do find it intimidating to find a good bottle of wine because there are sooo many choices out there. Plus, buying wine based only on price… well.. it’s just silly!

Here is a quick Wine 101 for you *and me*!

wine 101


And here is a little help on how to pair wine and food properly.



Today’s workout

Warm up by jumping rope for 15 minutes

Do each of the following for 1 minute:

Recover for 3 minutes. Repeat cycle 3 times.

I am also supposed to do 40 minutes on a bike; however, because I won’t be able to get to the gym, I decided to do this super intense 60-minute Tabata workout.

Quit whining

I’m sorry, I just HAD to share this picture with you, it’s just too funny not to!

What is your favorite type of wine? How do you like to spend your Valentine’s day?


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13 responses to “Wine 101: A Girl’s Guide To Wine & Pairing Pointers For Palate Perfection + Cheaper Than Health Care Workout

  1. THis entire post makes my whole day – not just a tribute to wine (holy crap, I have been doing it ALL WRONG), but because I am totally going to do today’s workout to burn off all the wine I’m intending to drink on Friday.

    Because that’s totally how health and science works, right?


  2. I loved this post. My favorite wine is Riesling. I was introduced to it a few years ago while in Germany and that is my go to wine now!! I also like Pinot Noir for red.

  3. So interesting! I’m not a big wine drinker but I do love a wine called Chocolate Lab! ( Maybe because I like chocolate and I have a Labrador..haha) and the bottle it comes in is Super cute! I like to spend Valentines day much like yourself. I’m not all about going to an expensive restaurant. I much prefer staying home and eating Chinese take out. Okay I may be a little boring!

  4. I love this post! I am a wine hound, lol! Definitely keeping this for reference… And trying that workout! Thanks girl!

  5. Michelle Ameno

    I love this! Great breakdown for a girl who knows pretty much nothing about wine, with the exception of a few facts about some of my favorites. Thanks!

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