26 Low-Calorie Snacks To Keep You Looking Slim & To Fuel You For A Run

I think I will sound fairly reasonable if I say that pretty much all of us at some point of our lives made this huge nutritional mistake. You wonder which one exactly I am referring to? Well, it’s actually not that hard to guess. Do you remember that horrible period of your life when you decided to limit your food intake in order to shed a few pounds. Not only that the effects of doing this were temporary and unhealthy, it made you feel weak, and, let’s be frank here, miserable.



From a very young age, we are constantly reminded about the importance of having 3 full meals a day. And it is very true! However, very often we forget how important it is to SNACK in between meals.

There are many health benefits of snacking *snacking HEALTHY! just in case, haha!*:

  • Prevent overeating
  • Proper fueling = fit extra nutrients in your diet
  • Curb your cravings
  • Weight control
  • Sustain energy levels
  • Healthy recovery

just because


It is important to remember that your snacks will vary depending on your fitness activity. I found an excellent article at Runner’s World *suprise, surprise* called 25 Great Snacks for Runners. Some of them are: bananas, carrots, chocolate milk, cottage cheese, apricots, rice cakes with peanut butter, string cheese. You see? Snacking CAN be fun!

Since not all of the readers of my blog are runners, I decided to look for some interesting ideas that could be of help to the general public. I found the following Infographic which I really really liked!

final infographic


Can I snack instead of having my meals?!?! *JUST KIDDING!*  But really though, those are some yummy options, wouldn’t you agree?

What are your favorite snacks? How often do you snack?



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19 responses to “26 Low-Calorie Snacks To Keep You Looking Slim & To Fuel You For A Run

  1. I’ve never been a snack person, which sounds crazy. 3 big meals every day but very rarely snacks!

  2. I am a huge proponent of snacking. I usually snack at least 2x a day, my go to’s are a handful of almonds, carrots and hummus or a piece of fruit. I literally couldn’t make it through the day without snacking!

  3. Yum yum I love my snacks. They help me get through the day without being ravenous and then I don’t go overboard come lunch and dinner. And I especially love a giant scoop of peanut butter!

  4. I completely agree with you here – sometimes I think I’m “losing weight” by not eating after a run, but really I’m just hurting my recovery. In fact, I had to stop focusing completely on losing weight as I trained for my 100k because it was hurting my training and recovery. I’ve decided a body that can run 31 miles doesn’t need to lose weight. There. I said it.

  5. absgoldberg

    I love to snack on yogurt, nuts, fruit and peanut butter, and veggie sticks. I know some people can do 3 big meals a day but I’m definitely a snacker, I just need a little something to hold me over in between meals.

  6. I’m not a big snack person unless I have a long run coming up! I love an apple with cheese or a cup of popcorn. I could eat anything with cheese all day long!

  7. These are great suggestions! I love snacking to keep my metabolism up, but of course I’ll only really eat when I’m hungry. I have a sensitive stomach when it comes to prerunning, though, like nuts will upset me on a run. But my go-to is oats or a banana!

  8. Oo! I love Runner’s World. When I signed up for my first race I got 3-4 issues free. It was awesome. Then I had to cancel cuz I didn’t have the money. 😦

    My fav snack is almond butter on rice cakes with a drizzle of honey on top. Actually, I love that more as a dessert too. So I guess my fav snack would be some pumpkin flax granola. So yummy!! Especially if you eat it with a banana! Dip the banana in it, take a bit, pure yum!

  9. Omg I love snacking, one of my favorites is yogurt with strawberries and crunchy granola on top 🙂

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