From Getting Hair Pulled Out At Elementary School To A Cardio Kickboxing Workout To Burn Fat At Home

When I was about 8 years old, there was this boy in my class who kind of liked me. You might think it’s cute. But let me tell you! It was not. He had a very strange way of showing his attraction to me by constantly hurting me.



Yup… Not cute at all…

Anyhow, I remember how upset I was all the time. And then it happened… You can call it a father-daughter bonding moment. I kid you not, my dad taught me a few kickboxing tricks for self-defense. I SWEAR!!!! I even remember how my dad showed me how to throw someone over the shoulder. Now, mind you, I never did it, but being thrown over my dad’s shoulder was scary and fun at the same time. *How else do you think my dad could teach me? Of course, by example! Haha!*

One of my most favorite things, though, was kicking the glove. It was INTENSE!

kickboxing target


*I totally imagined that boy’s face! Could you blame me?*

what doesn't kill you makes you stronger


*Timing is everything! Haha!*

Back to the subject, somehow this got me thinking and I realized that I haven’t done any martial art workout since then, which is kinda silly. Why? Because there are so many benefits of kickboxing! Here are some of them:

  • Burn calories
  • Re-energize
  • Take out stress
  • Tone your body
  • Self-defense
  • Boost confidence
  • Improve coordination

You need to know the basic moves.

kickboxing basic moves


*Fine, you don’t have to look THAT serious! Oh, and you can smile! In fact you SHOULD smile!*

Here is a pretty amazing kickboxing workout from Fitness Blender that I am planning on including in my routine tonight.

Please, remember to stay hydrated throughout the workout and to fuel properly before and after.

Are you a fan of martial workouts? What are your favorite moves?



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16 responses to “From Getting Hair Pulled Out At Elementary School To A Cardio Kickboxing Workout To Burn Fat At Home

  1. I used to do kickboxing! I missed it a few years ago and got some DVDs by Ilaria Montagnani and the ones I have are pretty intense, I love them 🙂

  2. I’ve never tried martial arts, unless Billy Blanks counts 🙂 Props to your Dad! That’s so awesome

  3. I tried kickboxing once and was such a major failure I never tried it again! Pictures definitely will in between training cycles now!

  4. Kayla.Sawtelle

    Ooohh, I’m a huge fan of Fitness Blender and was seriously considering looking at their kickboxing workouts for tonight’s workout. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I’ve tried kickboxing before and I should stick to running! I think I’m just not coordinated enough! 🙂

  6. absgoldberg

    I love kickboxing! I can totally relate to your dad story by the way. My dad used to wrestle in high school and college so when I was younger my dad used to teach me wrestling moves.

  7. I took taekwon-do for a couple years till I got preggers and then the baby sucked all our money up so I couldn’t continue with classes. It was super fun and gave me a huge amount of self-confidence. My body-image and self-esteem went way up and I felt like a total badass. I wasn’t good at sparring or improvising and I was terrified of flying kicks because I was certain I was going to fall every time but I was gung-ho about the rest. I even continued training while I was preggers. I had some special rage ppd at the time and the instructors eventually picked up on my frustration at being sidelined from any kind of situations where the baby could get hurt. So they partnered me with higher belts who could take a hit and keep on going and who were cool with not being allowed to hit back. Classes were beyond awesome again after that. I attacked with a vengeance and, since they were wearing cushioned gear to take it, they only encouraged me to go harder. lol

    Those were good times. 😀

    My fav moves were the roundhouse kick, front kick, and the front punch. Very basic but effective.

  8. Sharman Marshall

    is that nobita?

  9. Kickboxing includes the kicks of martial arts, bodyweight resistance exercises, plyometrics, and advanced core routines. It is a whole-body workout that is cardiovascular in nature but concentrates on the lower body and the core. The result is a program that will increase your fitness level and make you lean and tone. It is worth to try work out for all ages.

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