Spring Cleaning Your Home And Body 101: 3 Eco-Friendly DIY Household Cleaner Recipes & 6 Great Short-Term Challenges For Your Health

Call me crazy, but for me all seasons start on the first of the month. *I guess it’s an Eastern European thing!*

let's celebrate spring


I don’t think I’ll ever forget the day when we were asked a question about when seasons start in my French class shortly after my family’s arrival to Canada. Always an eager student, I could not wait to answer the question to show off my newly acquired French skills only to find myself completely dumb struck. *In retrospect, I still find the entire situation totally hilarious! I was soooo EMBARRASSED!* But then, who could blame me?! Why on the earth seasons would start on the 21st of the month and not on the first?! It’s beyond me! 

Anyhow, back to the subject… MY spring began on Saturday, you CAN be jealous if you wish! Haha!

You still don’t believe me? Well, how about this? On Saturday night, my hubby was coming down with a flu, so he took some medicine and fell asleep. While he was peacefully snoring with Bella in his feet, I managed to rearrange all of his drawers… YAH! It was March 1!

true story


You know it’s a spring the moment your entire being wants to get rid of clutter and start things fresh. Right?! To me spring cleaning is letting go of winter, getting rid of clutter, reevaluating my short- and long-term goals.

In my opinion living healthy also implies living in harmony with nature and the world. Reducing our foot print on nature is indeed important to living a long healthy and happy life. This is why I was super excited when I found the following infographic.

Eco-Friendly Household Cleaner Recipes- nfographic


Indeed, white vinegar is a life saver! I use it when I have to clean a fridge and a shower all the time. On the other hand, I saw a few worrisome reports that some vinegar may be made of petroleum. So please, be sure to check your vinegar labels and make sure that it’s made of grains.

I also found a wonderful article on Greatist, 27 Non-Toxic Products for DIY Cleaning, make sure to check it out.

slow down and reflect on what matters the most


Apart from cleaning my home, I like to take some time to refocus and get organized. For instance:

spring cleaning


How about you? What does spring cleaning mean to you? What are your favorite ways to let go of winter?



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18 responses to “Spring Cleaning Your Home And Body 101: 3 Eco-Friendly DIY Household Cleaner Recipes & 6 Great Short-Term Challenges For Your Health

  1. I love new months or new seasons because it’s like an invitation to refocus on your goals! I especially like March because the first day marks a new month of goals but also a new year of goals for me to make before my next birthday. I’ve got a bunch that I made around the house little post-its for and stuff so that when I walk by I remember to do 25 push-ups or eat an extra serving of veggies or whatnot 🙂

  2. belkuek

    Spring cleaning is cleaning my room, mind and body to me. I’m finally done with exams and all and can’t wait to start exercising again 😀 I can totally relate the sugar consumption part especially… I can never control! 😦 i need some will power too! Hahaha

  3. absgoldberg

    I agree, whenever march rolls around my brain automatically switches to thinking it must be spring time. My moms a massive cleaner and de-junker so she’s passed some of those qualities on to me. Time for spring cleaning!!!

  4. I completely agree with you on the seasons thing! Why do we need to wait till June 21 to be able to officially call it summer? I started a little cleaning/ home organization at the beginning of the new year but I see I have more to do!

  5. LOL – that’s fantastic! Happy Spring to you!!

  6. I’ve always used lemon in my home made cleaning products. Not only does it smell absolutely fantastic, but it’s also does what those expensive cleaning products to completely naturally – break down grease!

  7. Hahaha I hate how seasons don’t start on the first of a month too. I didn’t even know that was a thing until an embarrassingly old age. My mom and I made some cleaner using vinegar and orange peels!

  8. YES. Spring cleaning is the best. I love to clean my house top to bottom, re-organize all my drawers, and plan a beach trip for the summer. I love letting go of winter and am especially excited to let it go this year. Thanks for the cleaning tips!

  9. runawaybridalplanner

    i love spring cleaning! I never thought about making my own air freshener, that is a great idea!

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