18 Smoothie Recipes That Will Make You Feel & Look FITilicious!

Tuesday was a beautiful day in Montreal! You know that awesome feeling when you take a breath of fresh air and all you can feel is SPRING?! Love, love, love it!



To me, spring is a time of rebirth, starting fresh and refocusing on things that do matter. It is also the time of the year when the temperature finally starts to climb up. It may sound weird, but when it is warm outside, I lose appetite. I am simply not hungry. Therefore, the idea of getting all necessary nutrients in becomes so much more important. And what could be more exciting than fueling with smoothies?! *Please, be careful here, I am in no way encouraging anyone to replace any meals with smoothies. Your diet should be well-balanced and carefully composed according to the level of your physical activity.*Β 



If you’d like to know the exact recipes to the mentioned above smoothies, check out Super Skinny Me for more details.

How about you? Does your appetite vary from one season to another? What is your favorite smoothie recipe?



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10 responses to “18 Smoothie Recipes That Will Make You Feel & Look FITilicious!

  1. I don’t do anything crazy, just berries and banana and almond milk or protein powder πŸ™‚ avocado and spinach if I want a green smoothie!

  2. Yesterday was pretty fabulous. It was the first real walk outside I have enjoyed since Halloween. πŸ™‚

  3. These sound delicious! I am a giant smoothie fan!

  4. absgoldberg

    mhmmmm, I love smoothies. I’m particularly fond of the post-workout one. I love the banana and peanut butter combo. Especially using frozen bananas!

  5. Reblogged this on TetheredFeather and commented:
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  6. love the picture of the doggie! (totally missing the point of the post, lol!)

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