Unbreakable Strength Plus Run Spartan Workout

O M G! Guys, yesterday’s yoga flexibility routine was FANTASTIC! The majority of stretches were hip stretches, and believe you me, it was EXACTLY what I needed after my disastrous Monday 10 km run. You should definitely give it a try too!

This was me in the end of the workout.



Today is strength training *you can also read it as one of Olena’s biggest opportunities haha!*. This kid makes it look so easy though!!!




Anyhow, back to serious business! I mean, everything is serious about training for the Spartan Race 🙂

Repeat four times (taken from the Spartan training guide):

– Dumbbell Lunge 30 seconds each leg

– Split Lunge Jumps 30 seconds

– Plank Walk 45 seconds

– Shoulder taps 45 seconds

** 3-minute rest between sets

Run 20 minutes with heart rate in zone 3. (+ 30 squats for 30 days Spartan challenge!!!)

funeral for fat


How do you challenge yourself? Any plans to participate in an obstacle course this year? If so, which one?



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14 responses to “Unbreakable Strength Plus Run Spartan Workout

  1. Woooo! Scary obstacle course, yes indeed. I’m actually terrified of it, mostly of the elevation change rather than the obstacles though, or rather the combination of both. I feel like I’d handle each separately but together…yuck. Every time I see your posts I feel like I need to be doing 6000 other strength things and need to get myself in gear 😉

    • Sweetie, you can go on the Spartan Rate website and download for free their training guide. It might be very helpful. The elevaltion in your particular race sounds frightening indeed, but I’m sure that there is nothing you wouldn’t be able to do 😉 ❤ xoxo

  2. absgoldberg

    I would love to do an obstacle course, I don’t know if I can this year but definitely want to do at least one in my future. Mixing my strength training with cardio bursts is usually a big way I’ll challenge myself.

  3. WalkToRio

    I’m looking forward to the obstacle races in October/November.
    I gotta start doing lunges again, my hamstring is asking for it.

  4. I’m so glad to hear that – I can’t wait to bring more yoga back into my life!

  5. I also LOVE yoga after my runs! I hope to do a Spartan at some point this year, I love their races!

  6. PAHAHA the cat doing “yoga”- I’ve definitely been there 😉

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