Money CAN Buy Happiness: On The Quest Of Finding A Perfect Pair Of Running Shoes For The Spartan Race

As they say, money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy fabulous shoes, and that’s kind of the same thing, right?

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy shoes


Who knew that so many people were wrong all along because all this noise is not about high heals, it’s about RUNNING SHOES!!! Runners will support me, because let’s be fair for a moment, majority of high heels are NOT comfortable and pain does not equal happiness; whereas, comfy running shoes will make you fly. LITERALLY! And isn’t flying happiness?

happiness is


EXACTLY! I consider my reasoning successful and complete! Haha!

The thing is, however, I am still pretty new to running, and buying new running shoes can be… well… intimidating!

running shoes


At the moment, I wear Asics Gel-Nimbus 14 and I LOVE them!

Asics Gel-Nimbus 14

Asics top

Asics side backAssics bottom


The reason why I am looking for a new pair is because I need to find appropriate shoes for the Spartan Race. They have to be light-weight, have built-in drainage ability system and a good grip *if that makes any sense*.

I found some great tips on how to find perfect running shoes at Run Addicts, here are some of them:

  • Go to the store in the evening: ‘studies have shown feet tend to expand few millimeters up to 2 centimeters by the end of the day’.
  • Make sure to wear socks you normally run in.
  • There must be a finger-width space between your great toe and the shoe box and  a thumb width at the end of the shoe. ‘You will end up buying shoes that are bigger in size than what you normally wear but that’s perfectly OK.’ However, don’t exceed a finger-width span!
  • ‘NEVER wear a brand new running shoe for a race; make sure you already used them for 100 miles runs at minimum’.

Here is some more.

Running shoes infographic


I also came across this amazing report on the 10 best sneakers for mud runs. It seems like there is a common agreement on Inov-8 Mudclaw 300.

‘The Inov-8 Mudclaw is designed for one thing, and one thing only: to get you out of the mud. With a waterproof membrane, and rows of spiked lugs on the outsole, needless to say, the Mudclaw 300 is the shoe you want for your next mud run.

Best For: Steep Hills and Mud Pits

Technical Advantage: The aggressive Mudclaw sole ensures proper grip in the steepest, muddiest and most extreme conditions.’



Any  thoughts or feedback?

My workout today is:

– Super Spartan Run: 4-Mile Trail Tempo Run
AB 500

sweat like a pig to look like a fox


How was your weekend? Do you have any tricks when looking for a perfect running shoe? Any experience running a mud race?



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22 responses to “Money CAN Buy Happiness: On The Quest Of Finding A Perfect Pair Of Running Shoes For The Spartan Race

  1. Unfortunately, no advice on shoe-buying, sorry. I just wanted to say we wear the exact same shoe (Asics Gel Nimbus)! Ha. Running shoe buying is definitely overwhelming. Good luck!

  2. The only advice I can give is check the heel/toe drop on the shoes you buy and compare it to your everyday shoes. If you’re running in old school 12mm drop and the new ones are 4mm or zero drop, you could do some damage wearing them for too many runs right off the bat. You have to wear them for short runs of only around 3 miles and then rotate days with your traditional shoes. I don’t want you to get injured!

  3. When I did my Spartan, I just wore my older running shoes and donated them after the event, they worked fine. However, if I was going to do a longer Spartan, like the Beast, I would get a pair of shoes like the Inov. The most important thing is to know your foot mechanics and what works for you based on your goals. I get fit for shoes every 6 months or so depending on my races/goals. I know my foot (I’m neutral) so it makes finding shoes a lot easier. Good luck!

    • Hi Sara! That’s exactly what my hubby did last year. However, since I am doing the trifecta (5, 13, 20+), I figured, I as well can get myself a decent pair of shoes 🙂 Plus, I don’t really have a pair of trail shoes, so I think it would be a good investment for the near future, especially that the summer is not that far away 🙂 xoxo

  4. So I’m doing a mud race and plan to use my nike trail shoes. They do have a lower heel drop ratio which aggravates my Achilles, which I why I do runs in them every little bit to make sure I can wear them race day!

  5. absgoldberg

    running shoe shopping is one of the most confusing things ever! I’m usually just happy if I can walk away with a comfortable and decently priced pair of shoes.

  6. WalkToRio

    I could spend all my money on running shoes. I own a bunch of them, I love them colorful.
    I usually buy them online, I’m loyal to a few brands and models. For trail running I prefer Merrell, they have a great line of really light shoes. As for regular running shoes I go for racing flats. These are my new babies:
    Great shoes, light as a feather.

  7. I’ve tried 3 kinds of running shoes – Unknown (can’t remember name), Brooks and Asics (don’t ask me which ones exactly because I can’t remember right off the bat). I overpronate and have a wide foot so my shoe selection is limited. I went to the store hoping to get Asics Kayano which had been recommended and came home with Asics…something. They’re about $50 cheaper and work beautifully. I really do feel like I’m flying when I run in those shoes. My Brooks shoes were inferior in comparison though they were nice at the time.

    High heels suck! They’re so painful in so many ways. Running shoes rock! I wear my Brooks shoes everywhere (except hiking). I save my Asics for when I run. I did, however, have to buy specific insoles for both pairs of shoes because of my overpronation. That changes the way they feel for me as opposed to others wearing them. It’s heaven! So comfortable!

    • I’m super happy you found your shoes! I love my Asics too, to the point I don’t want to ruin them in mud lol!

      • No kidding! When I’m finally ready to do some kind of warrior challenge or mud run, I’ll use a pair of old shoes with a newer insole so my Asics don’t get all icky. I wouldn’t do a race like that for the time – just the accomplishment of having done it. 😉

  8. Oh wow! I didn’t know they made such shoes! I don’t have any great advice- my mud race was a women’s only fun run haha. Nothing extreme! Don’t wear white. Unless you plan to toss said item 😉

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