Be Weird, Be Random, Be Who You Are Or 11 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Good morning, darlings!

A quick follow up on yesterday’s run. It was somewhat tough because my legs were sore from my Sunday’s workout. However, I did manage to run 6.5 km in 37 minutes, which is okay. I SHALL NOT GIVE UP!



Needless to say, my foam roller became my best friend yet again *read here for more foam rolling tips*! Today, thankfully is my rest day, so I will probably do some stretches, nothing major though.

As you most likely remember, I was nominated for the Liebster Award about a month ago. However, when I was nominated again last weekend by She Does Write, I was truly honored and couldn’t decline it. Not to repeat myself, I decided just to answer the questions. I find, it is a great way to provide give you with another glimpse into my life. *For some strange reason, I noticed that I don’t tend to talk about my private life in here that much.*

So there it goes.

1. What is your favorite word or phrase?

The first phrase that came to my mind is…



2. Dogs, cats, or other–and why?

I am definitely a dog person. It might sound somewhat funny *and RIDICULOUS*, but I am actually scared of cats. Not that I want to run the moment I see one, but I am really afraid that it will scratch me. I think I’ll blame my grandma’s cat who is super cute and WILD at the same time! On the other hand, I’d love to own a tiger! *How confusing!*

As for the dogs, I am a German Shepherd lover. Meet my beloved Sanda who passed away last year.

German Shephed

And here is my little 4.5 months old pest and trouble-maker, Bella:


3. What was the best part of living where you grew up?

I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine.


When I was little (about 2-3 years old) my parents decided to move to my dad’s home city Cherkasy, where I ended up living for about 13 years of my life. My fondest memories of my childhood are the moments I spent with my family at the beach close to our house, where we would go quite often: in summer – to swim, play soccer and volleyball, and even camp, in winter – to skate and ski.


Dnipro 2
4. What’s the best part of living where you are now?

Montreal is one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world! I might be biased, but my heart belongs here.

The nature is breathtaking.

Montreal - Mont Royal

There are plenty of events happening all year long.

Jardins botaniques

And the architecture is beautiful, and yet not overwhelming: a mix of old and new.

downtown Montreal
5. What was your last dream about?

To be honest, I don’t really recall, but it was something in James Bond style, meaning me running away from someone to stay alive. All jokes aside, that’s how I felt. Haha!


6. Have you ever pranked someone in an epic way?

Okay, so I don’t really remember pranking anybody recently, HOWEVER… I was pranked pretty badly about a year ago by a local show Les Détestables. It is a Montreal’s hidden camera comedy program, where elderly people say or do inappropriate things trying to get a reaction out of innocent people *me!* who do not suspect a thing!

Since the video is in French (Montreal is a bilingual city), here is the translation:

Elderly lady, ‘Excuse me, but I haven’t finished reading… Can you turn the page back?’
Me *clearly shocked*, ‘Excuse me?!?!’
Elderly lady *turning the page of my book*, ‘I stopped reading right here.’

You won’t believe, this encounter lasted for much longer, but they didn’t show it all on TV. What you need to know about me is that I am NOT a rude person. That being said, this situation gave me a pretty intense headache from conflicting emotions and feelings that I had experienced for the rest of the day! Haha!

7. If you could ask your future self anything, what would it be?

How was child labor?! Ahaha! *I am terrified!!! Not that I’m pregnant either! LOL!*

you pushed me out of your whatSource

8. How would you describe your personal style?

I am not sure I understand this question properly, but I am very determined and competitive. Definitely, a good friend and a family person.

9. Have you ever met a celebrity?

Multiple times! My problem though is that I don’t know who they are!

who are you againSource

10. What is your favorite thing to do in downtime?

I love to read, take pictures and edit them!

smelling books


11. What is the last thing you photographed?

I actually took this picture of myself.

nomakeup selfie

Not that I’m one of those girls that loves to constantly take selfies, but I thought the idea behind it was really nice. #nomakeupselfie was done in order to show support and raise breast cancer awareness.

So tell me, do you like these posts where I give you some random facts about myself? What would you like to know about me?



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22 responses to “Be Weird, Be Random, Be Who You Are Or 11 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. I love random facts! The hidden camera thing is crazy, I would have been so confused if it were me. I actually would love to hear more about where you grew up and pictures of tiny Olena and maybe your favorite things? (Like fav food, fav Saturday activity, etc all from where you grew up). I think it’s fun to get a glimpse of how people grew up and I’ve already told you I’d love to see a rhythmic picture or two so facts about that would be fun too 😉 Btw, I love your no makeup selfie…beautiful!

    • OMG! I was so confused, you have no idea!!! I promise you, darling, once I find some of my rhythmic gymnastics pictures, you’ll see them 🙂 I have to see what my parents have got at home.I know they brought some old photo albums from Ukraine last fall. I think I’ll do this type of posts maybe once a month because everyone seems to enjoy them, plus they are also fun to write. Thank you for the compliment, gorgeous! ❤ xoxo

  2. I loved your nomakeupselfie when I saw it on Instagram and gave been meaning to tell you that! Loved learning more about you too!

  3. Your puppy is so adorable. I also love your no makeup selfie.

  4. great posts! I love the random facts and those pranks shows always scare me, I’m always worried I’ll be caught on one. haha

    • Haha! I honestly never thought I’d get caught. What’s funny though, when I watched those shows in the past, most peoples’ reaction was dying of laughter. Mine, however, was super different, it was more of a mix of being super confused and yet very relieved 😀 No laughing AT ALL!!! :d xoxo

  5. WalkToRio

    The hidden camera incident is just crazy! I’ve always wanted to be pranked on TV, mainly because I would like to see how I would react to one of those surreal situations.
    Your reaction was priceless hahahaha

  6. runawaybridalplanner

    I love reading random facts posts, and I enjoy doing them myself. Sometimes it’s just fun to let people know how real, fun, crazy, great you are:)

  7. Nick

    Nice selfie Olena! You should listen to justin and I more often; no makeup! Keep on bloggin’ my crazy friend. Love you both and miss you guys!

  8. absgoldberg

    haha, I can’t believe you were on one of those filmed prank things. I would have been so confused! Great list, you look lovely without makeup 🙂

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  10. Ahhhh that prank thing is funny! Thanks for responding! Love your included photos, too!

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  13. Good reading youur post

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