Between Us Girls (And Boys): ‘That Time Of The Month’ & Fitness

Sorry, guys, it seems like you were excluded from my post today! Wait… Wait a second!!! Actually, this post might be for you after all. How  come? Well, as the saying goes, happy wife happy life… Haha! So yeah, this could be a great help for you when your significant other is not at her… um… best behavior because of a tremendous pain she is experiencing.

how i feel


*That’s me last morning… TRUE STORY!*

why periods


*Like, really!*

We know really well that crappy feeling of waking up from bad cramps with no energy, in a horrible mood, and probably craving all the wrong things. Going to the gym is definitely the LAST thing on my mind!

However, it seems I got it all wrong! According to Women’s Health,

When you have your period (and the week after), your body is more like a man’s. During this part of your cycle, your levels of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone are at their lowest, making you a little more dudelike—at least metabolically, says Stacy Sims, Ph.D., an exercise physiologist at Stanford University and a leading researcher on the impact of menstruation on athletic performance. […] Her research shows that during this low-hormone phase, women also recover faster and have a higher pain tolerance. Why? “A probable theory is that your body isn’t preoccupied with preparing for a possible pregnancy,” she says. “Your baseline is reset into a more relaxed mode, so these other systems operate optimally.”

*One second girls, gotta keep boys entertained!*



Back to the subject, there are 7 workouts that She Knows suggests to do during your period:

  1. Walking: Active rest is definitely better than nothing. If you’re in a lot of pain, the walk should definitely help you unwind.
  2. Running: As mentioned previously, your body recovers faster during this period *no pun intended lol!* of time. So if you feel up to the challenge, increase your incline!
  3. Yoga: Relaxing seems like a great option! Go for a nice stretch routine and don’t forget to meditate.
  4. Aerobics: I personally love Tabata, so much fun too!
  5. Dancing: Why not make yourself feel sexy? Have you tried dance workouts from Fitnessista?
  6. Planking: Definitely, one of those things that could be done between commercials. If you’d like to diversify your planks, read this post.
  7. Working out from home: Not up for the challenge, take it easy and do this 7-Minute Workout.

cancel subscription


Girls, what are your thoughts? Any specific workouts you give preference to?
Guys, share this with your significant others, it could be a life savior for her and for YOU! Haha!



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16 responses to “Between Us Girls (And Boys): ‘That Time Of The Month’ & Fitness

  1. Haha I get cranky about not wanting to run but inevitably do it anyway and then feel better. Repeat for 5 days. I don’t change my workouts or anything but I’m usually training for races so I kind of need to keep on track unless I’m really injured so it gives me a good reason to push through when I don’t want to.

  2. absgoldberg

    lol, I had no idea that we’re more “dude like” during that time of month. Funny to think about it that way. I’m pretty lucky with periods, the most they interrupt my workout regimen is when my lower back gets really sore and tight. Some ibuprofen usually straightens that out, painkillers are a life saver!

  3. Great post – and I like to think of these times as a little extra challenge! If I can get moving then I’ll be stronger on race day!

  4. usually they aren’t my best runs but I keep up my regular workout routine. Or I do yoga, love me some yoga. The quote about cancelling a monthly subscription made my day 🙂

  5. oh girl, I love this! I struggle so much when it comes to that time of month. I get grumpy and lazy with no motivation to workout… and it’s my job! I have found drinking a ton of water and eating chocolate to help immensely. I can’t believe we have lower hormone levels that make us more like guys during that time! I never feel tough during my period. Great food for thought!!

    • Chocolate… Mmmmm… 2.5 weeks to go hahahah! I gave it up for Lent and miss it a lot as you can see 😀 I remember myself back in my rhythmic gymnastics day, so I can imagine how tough it can be for you to train others. But then you’re one tough cookie, you can do anything! ❤ xoxo

  6. LOL Your new post came up on my Reader and when I saw that cranky cat picture I almost spit out my coffee! I am LOVING that cat!!

  7. I forgot February had only 28 days and totally freaked out yesterday when I realized I was later than usual. I was half-convinced that somehow my hubby and I had messed up and I was preggers. I won’t go into the reasons why this would be a bad thing for us (I know mommy-hood is supremely awesome for many to most other women and I’m very happy and excited for my pregnant friends/relatives). I flew off the handle and went into crazy-land for a whole day before I remembered how short February is. lol It occurred to me around the same time that I was seriously PMS-ing as well which accounted for wanting to rip the heads off all the other grocery shoppers in the store because they were in my way and my cart was too big to maneuver well (kid “car” cart).

    Zumba and running has always taken care of my temper when I’m PMS-ing but the pain from the first period day has always withstood all my cardio efforts. I usually take that first day off and then rock all exercise efforts later.

    You mentioned Yoga though. I never thought of Yoga before. All those moves that put pressure on the abdomen. Considering I alleviate my pain by literally curling up to put pressure on my abdomen, maybe I’ll try Yoga next time for the first day. Since I’m due any day now I shouldn’t have long to wait to test that out. 😉

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