Dealing With Stress At Work, Reebok Shoes For The Spartan Race, And ‘Sleep Like A Baby’ Workout


I apologize, but I will take a few moments to nag. *Please, bare with me!* It was a really stressful day at work yesterday. You know, that kind of a day when things are out of your control, and no matter how hard you try to do the best for your clients, it’s somewhat pointless.



I was trying really hard to act more energetic/happy, but my thoughts were focused on the negative aspect of the situation. Normally, I would be looking into one of the following ways to de-stress.

50 ways to take a break


However, this time around, the solution was much simpler: All it took to feel better was a hamburger, fries, coleslaw and BEER! I don’t even drink beer, but I’ve got to tell you, it did hit the spot. I am a happy person again! *Please, don’t judge! lol!*


*Sorry, couldn’t resist! But I really didn’t have much!*

Moving on to some fun stuff, when I was shopping for gifts for my family last Sunday, I FINALLY got myself shoes for the Spartan Race. Buying proper running shoes can definitely be challenging; but I finally settled on this pair.


They are super cute and light, with water drainage system. But the selling point for me was definitely the duragrip!

Reebok the grip

Can you tell I am a happy camper? Can’t wait to try them out to tell you more!!!

On the other hand, I paid attention to the issues this shoe has. According to one of the reviews, the ankle cap is somewhat high and can cause blistering, so I will definitely make sure to wear higher socks. Here is a product review by one of the ambassadors who participated and won some of the Spartan Races.

*Just in case: I bought these shoes on my own. I was not approached by the Spartan Race or Reebok to review or advertise their product.*

My workout today is going to be intense! *As always, taken from the Spartan Race guide.*Β After taking a look, I dubbed it ‘Sleep Like A Baby’ workout haha!



Dynamic Warm Up

Start with a 5-minute general warm-up with a brisk walk, slow jog, easy cycle. or easy row. Then perform the following exercises two times for a distance of 25 yards each:

High-knee walk
High-knee jog
Lateral shuffle
Straight leg march
Straight leg skip
Cross-over step
Duck walk

Mr. Clean

Repeat three times:

Swiss ball knee-tucks for 45 seconds
Push-ups for 30 seconds
Swiss ball tricep-dips for 45 seconds
Plank for 45 seconds

Super Spartan Run:Β 8 miles

AB 500

30 push ups for 30 days Spartan challenge

control your mind


Do you ever eat junk food for a sake of making yourself feel better? What are you favourite trail running shoes?




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33 responses to “Dealing With Stress At Work, Reebok Shoes For The Spartan Race, And ‘Sleep Like A Baby’ Workout

  1. I love my new Saucony Peregrine 3 trail running shoes. They had great grip on the ice while half-marathon training this Winter.

  2. Oh, I’m doing the Spartan Race at Citifield on Saturday. *skeered*

  3. Junk food is definitely a comfort mechanism for me. Too bad it also makes my face break out like a teenager! I really need to do a cleanse and clean my diet up. It’s time!

    I don’t have a ton of experience with trail shoes but these Reeboks look great. Can’t wait to hear what you think of them. When is your Spartan race?

  4. Aside from a hard swim or intense circuit, one of the best ways of dealing with a stressful day for me is to box. I’m a boxing coach in addition to a trainer and have been including boxing (clients punching the hook and jab pads that I hold) in clients workouts for sometime.

    The difference in their power when I suggest that they imagine one of the pads to be a client or colleagues head is quite amazing :-).

  5. I don’t have a great pair of trail shoes, I run in my normal running shoes on packed trails and on technical ones, I have Brooks Adrenaline trail versions. I obviously love running when I’m stressed but boxing and plyo work really well as stress relievers for me, something with a lot of impact and energy!

  6. No judgement whatsoever. sometimes a beer and burger are just what the doctor ordered!

  7. I don’t have trail shoes yet, trail running is next on my to do list after my marathon, but those shoes looks AMAZING, I am def. going to check them out in a month or so when I start my trail running!

  8. Oh my gosh, those shoes are SO cute!! I just love them! I typically don’t trail run but the few times I have, it was fun!! I’ve gotten A LOT better about snacking, but yes, when I’m stressed, I tend to eat chocolate and ice cream, and cookies, OH MY!! πŸ˜‰

  9. absgoldberg

    I will admit that chocolate has gotten me through many bad days. Those shoes are very cute, I love the blue and yellow colors and I’m sure they’ll be great for your race!

  10. Haha no judgement here girl! Sometimes ya just need a little extra “me” time after a hard day. PLUS with a workout like “sleep like a baby” a little beer won’t hurt ya. lol

  11. Stress….. OMG it was a big problem for me before i joined the gym and also set some new short term goals in my job.

    Another thing that i learned and helped me to keep stress out of my life is that job won’t go away any time soon, so i must enjoy every part of it even very busy times.

    • Certainly! Normally I am the same way too. But recently, we’ve had too much turnover, so there’s a huge chunk of work that I have to do. It’s okay, my vacation is a week away, so I’ll be a happy Olena again πŸ˜€ xoxo

  12. Aww I’m sorry you’re stressed out love! Sending you virtual hugs! Hang in there, your trip is right around the corner πŸ™‚ But yes, you are not alone- I am definitely guilty of stress eating on occasion. I know it’s bad, but I’m only human haha πŸ˜‰

  13. those shoes look sweet! water drainage system??

  14. I know what you mean about a beer making everything better. In the past it’s been the best medicine for me after a long period of stress. How relaxing it was to have a brat and beer. For some reason everything seemed better afterwards. And it wasn’t just the beer because I’ve had that by itself. The whole combination of beer, brat, and eating outside at my favorite “restaurant” – Munchen Haus.

    Sadly, beer lost its appeal for me and I can no longer drink it without feeling completely icky. But the brat still makes me happy at least. HUGE treat because it’s so fatty and Munchen Haus isn’t exactly a cheap place because it’s in a tourist town.

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