Benefits Of A Bicycle: Keep Calm & Ride On

Confession: My 8-mile run did not happen yesterday.

I could give you many reasons, but then why? Yes, my hubby wasn’t there ‘mentally’ as he put it, but I still could have gone. The truth is I just didn’t feel like running yesterday. I definitely can choose to be upset over it, but I prefer to simply move on and not let this affect my mood. I guess, my body needed a break; so I’ll take it at its face value.

I'm Choosing Happiness


My workout today includes some biking. This brought some good memories back.

Like this little evening trip with my parents over 5 years ago.

Biking with parents edited


split edited

*A few of you asked me to do a post on my rhythmic gymnastics days. I promise, I will. I’ll pick up some pictures when I go to Europe next week. Pinky swear!*

Or this little day trip with my brother in Summer 2009.

biking with Bohdan edited

another split edited

*I guess there is some weird correlation between me biking and wanting to do splits. Haha!*

Not all of my bike trips were so nice and sweet, however. At some point of time, I would go biking pretty much every single time after work. Once as I was stopping at an intersection, my foot got caught in a strap. Needless to say, I plummeted to the ground. Thankfully, the closest car was a little further away from me and I wasn’t run over or hit. My ego was shot and so were my hands and knees. But then you know how it is, you fall, people run up to you to ask if you’re fine, and you laugh it off as if nothing happened and you aren’t hurt at all *while weeping silently inside*. Good times!

you forgot to unclip


TechnoGym provided the following suggestions on how to exercise safely on a stationary bicycle.

The only thing you need to remember when using a bike is to adjust the seat properly. 
This will make your workout more comfortable while preventing your joints from being subjected to unnecessary stress. 
This is how to do it:

  •  On an indoor or classic vertical bike: climb onto the machine and hold the handlebars. Then rest the center of each foot on the pedals and make sure that the leg in the lower position is bent by 5/10 degrees
  • On a reclined bike: you have found the right position when, with both feet on the pedals, one of your legs is almost completely extended and forms an angle of 5/10 degrees


Clearly, there are many benefits to riding a bike. These are some of them *SO CUTE!!!*.

benefits of a bicycle


So this is how my workout looks like today.

Warm-up jump rope: Skip, high knee jog, skip side to side, skip front to back – 10 minutes

Unbreakable Strength: 

Repeat this 5 times:

Dumbbell Lunge for 30 seconds on each leg
Split-Lunge jumps for 30 seconds
Plank walk for 45 seconds
Shoulder taps for 45 seconds
(Rest for 3 minutes between sets.)

Spartan Bike Sprints: 35 minutes

Warm up for 10 minutes in zone 2
Ride for 20 minutes in zone 3
Every other minute, sprint as hard as possible for 10 seconds
Cool down easy for 5 minutes.

+ 30 push ups for 30 days challenge

keep calm and ride on


Do you bike? What are some of funny/scary things that happened to you while biking? 



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25 responses to “Benefits Of A Bicycle: Keep Calm & Ride On

  1. Fun fact: I’m a giant procrastinator when I’m afraid of things and I was not looking forward to clipping into pedals so I only put them on my bike and learned how to use them in the parking lot the night before my first race! Shockingly, I didn’t fall off anywhere or forget to I clip when I coasted in to transition. But I was VERY nervous and hyperaware the entire bike portion.

  2. Yes biking is the best! It’s fun, good for you and easy on the body. Win win. I’ve also taken a few tumbles, which I suppose are inevitable 🙂 The first time I wore clipless pedals I was at a stop sign, not moving and still, somehow I managed to fall over!

  3. absgoldberg

    I don’t bike outside very often but I’ve been spending more time on the stationary bike and I’m loving it. I actually have been meaning to bike outside more, not so much as a workout but because it’s great for running errands locally.

  4. Yup, my mom and I bike all the time in the summer. Last year wasn’t the best year though because we both suffered some biking injuries. I still have a scar on my knee from falling off….and I thought that only happened to 8 year olds…lol

  5. I don’t own a bike right now, but I did when I lived in California and used to ride up to Ojai from Ventura on the weekends (it was around 20 miles each way). I LOVED it. Then I sold my bike when I moved east and have yet to get a new one. When my tendon flared up, I started riding the stationary bike more often because that’s the only cardio I could really do and I actually really enjoy it so it made me want to get a new bike even more!

    I absolutely LOVE your blog and I’m so glad you stopped by mine so I could find yours! You are awesome! xo

    • Oh! Thank you sooo much! Well, I’ve got to say the same, I fell in love with your blog yesterday when I came across it ❤ As for the bike, go for it. It seems like you miss it. Oh, and you should definitely do it with your little one too!

  6. Oh, I love your splits pictures!! I LOVE doing splits; they are SO much fun!! It’s the gymnast in me!! I love doing handstands, too!! Haha, you’re fun!

  7. I had to relearn how to ride a bike about 7 years ago. You know how people say you never really forget how to ride a bike? Yeah, I’ve proven that that’s not true. I actually ran into a tree when I was relearning. A lone tree on the edge of an open sidewalk. No reason I couldn’t steer clear of it except that I or my arms were being stupid.

    I’m not a bike-rider though I find it extremely convenient to get from Point A to Point B when I have no car. I’ve even been known to take groceries home on my bike (singleton days). Mostly though it just hurts my hoo-haa and I’m afraid of high speeds and taking curves/turns at high speeds.

    But I did take a spin class for awhile until the class time became inconvenient. It hurt in the beginning and it took about 2 months to get used to it but it was enjoyable. 😀

  8. I like biking but I hate biking around here because I always feel like I’m going to get hit by a car 😦

  9. Wow – those splits are seriously impressive. I’ve done a little mountain biking and had a couple of nasty falls so I’m not really excited to get on a bike again any time soon. And everyone I know who bikes has at one time messed up their clipping and done a slo-mo fall over. Not sure I want to join them just yet.

    • Thank you, darling! Take your time, I can only imagine how scary it could be after an injury ❤ xoxo

      PS. I've got no idea how come I am not following you yet. Fixing this little issue now!

  10. I love biking too! I have fallen a few times at stop lights when forgetting to I clip. Pretty embarrassing of course. Cute blog!

  11. Most of my biking lately has been stationary, but now I can’t wait to go outside!

  12. Your husband saying ‘he is not there mentally’ in the nicest possible way, is simply a weak excuse.

    In that situation, you need to kick his ass and tell him that he is being lazy and if he still doesn’t feel like it, you do it anyway.

    On longer runs. Like this with clients, I tend to break them down into short stages and so the first focis is to reach the hotel at 2k where we’ll do a short 50 meter sprint and then talk about the next focus point where we’ll do something different.

    I also plan topics to discuss and debate, so as to take their mind off the run.

    • Oh, I know. I was simply using his excuse as my own excuse 🙂 I like the idea of topics to discuss. I am not really good at talking when I run, but I could do it in my thoughts too 🙂 Thanks for a great advice as always! xoxo

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