Q & A: Life Is Too Short To Be Serious All The Time (Part 2)

Oh my gosh, it’s Friday! How exciting is it?!

My body is finally getting back to normal and the soreness is fading away, which means that most likely I’ll go for a nice jog this weekend. I can’t wait!

Oh, and check out what I got from Amazon yesterday.

Spartan Up

That’s right, it’s Spartan Up! by Joe De Sena. For those of you who don’t know, he is the founder of the Spartan Race. I kept on seeing this book everywhere over the past few weeks, and finally gave in.

I read only a few pages and I am already hooked!

This book is a guide to leaving your comfort zone and aiming for more, despite how difficult this may be. It teaches how to:

  • conquer your greatest obstacle – your will
  • embrace your greatest friend – discipline
  • make limitations vanish and establish a new normal
  • achieve the ultimate – obstacle immunity

Here is a short excerpt from a prologue:“An inverse correlation links how miserable you feel in the race, and how great you feel after it, so you can bet I felt like a million bucks afterward. When you break through the other side of hell and finish an event that did not seem possible, that stopped you in your tracks over and over, something happens. You feel accomplished, incredibly proud of yourself and, in some ways, a different person.”

Believe it or not, that’s exactly how I felt on Monday. I am looking forward to reliving this experience over and over again.

Today, I’d like to finally answer questions from Michelle, a blogger behind Baby Blues to Running Shoes, who was super kind and sweet to nominate me for a Liebster Award.

Q & A


1. What was a defining moment in your life so far?

It’s definitely a moment I wish never happened. About 2 years ago, I almost lost my mom because one bad driver decided to burn a stop sign and hit my mom, who was crossing the street on her bicycle, at full speed, even though it was her right of way.

reckless driving


Needless to say, this event shook my world. At that moment of time, my mom was only 46 years old,as you can imagine, I never really thought that something bad could happen… I was wrong! I am very grateful that she is okay now, but this whole incident taught me to live my life to the fullest and appreciate people around me, and also not to forget to tell that I love them all the time.

live to the fullest


2. Who is your biggest inspiration?

Probably, my future unborn children. *Did that sound cheesy? lol!*

3. What is one thing you are too scared to try?

Giving birth! *Not that it’s going to be a choice when it comes to it!*



4. What is a goal you are working towards right now?

Even though there were a few setbacks throughout my training, but I am really keen on obtaining the Spartan Trifecta Medal this summer.

Super Spartan

5. Do you have any phobias?

Giving birth?! *AHAHA! Crying silently…*

6. Have you ever broken a bone?

Scared to jinx it, but I am glad to say that I don’t have any broken bones in my body.

7. What is your favorite time of year and why?

I love spring/early summer when everything around comes back to life! I find this time of year I get extra energy and motivation to set new goals and accomplish more.

weekend walk

8. Who are 3 celebrities you would want to have dinner with and why?

I always have a difficulty answering this question… Probably Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock and Ellen Degeneres… These women inspire me!

9. Do you have a nickname?

According to my husband, I am  ‘baberoo’, ‘tootsie roll’ and ‘toots’. Go figure!

10. What decision are you most proud of?

To marry my husband! Even though, at times I tell him otherwise *girls, girls, girls*, but meeting him is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He is my world! *Babe, you didn’t really just read that… You must be dreaming or something…*


What is the book you are reading right now? What is it about?



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21 responses to “Q & A: Life Is Too Short To Be Serious All The Time (Part 2)

  1. What a great wedding photo! I can never answer the celebrity question either, I always end up picking athletes because I’d like to pick their brains. I want Chrissy Wellington at my dinner party, she is pretty much the most badass athlete on earth in my mind.

  2. Haha, I won’t lie, giving birth was quite the ride. Don’t be scared of it though, you just do it and you hands down, get the best reward from it. 🙂 Gorgeous wedding photo!

  3. I have been seeing this book everywhere…I am going to buy it now too! Thanks for sharing 🙂 and your wedding photo is gorgeous!!

  4. absgoldberg

    I love how excited you are about doing Spartan races, can’t wait to hear about your future experiences with them! That’s such a beautiful wedding picture 🙂

  5. OMGOMGOMG I’m reading that book too right now!! It just arrived a couple days ago and I started it last night and all I wanted to do was hop out of bed and go run LOL. P.S. your wedding picture looks like it’s out of a magazine 🙂

  6. what a scary thing to have happened to your mom. So glad she is ok.

    Books? Since I have started reading blogs, books have got pushed aside sadly.

  7. Agree with the wedding photo comments – You look great!

    I hope your Mom is doing OK. When I was younger we had a driver run through a stop sign and hit our car. Luckily everyone was OK but still scary.

    I am currently reading JK Rowling’s adult novel (that made it sound a little pornographic – it’s not) and it’s pretty good so far.

  8. Blog

    Stopping by from the Sweat Pink network–something tells me you’re tough enough to handle childbirth just fine! Though I’m definitely petrified at the thought and can’t talk haha. Good luck on getting your Spartan medal!! 🙂

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  10. For me giving birth wasn’t the scary part – it was getting the epidural that had me practically wetting myself. Gigantic needle in my spine and they’re telling me, “Don’t move. Stop moving!” I was shaking from fear and pain. Of course, if I move too much while they stick that needle in my spinal column, they could seriously injure my spine. At least then I wouldn’t need an epidural to not feel pain… But everything was fine. Birth was super easy with that.

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