Fitness & Happiness: Bringing The Kid Back Out Found Within

Good morning beauties… and beautifuls *LOL!*

As you can see, I am in a great mood, and my trip to the spa yesterday is largely responsible for that!

Spa Diva

I got a 50-minute Swedish massage and it felt great! The masseuse had strong hands *just the way I like it!* and really worked on my shoulders and legs. I was in heaven!

Plus what could be better than a date with a friend that you haven’t seen in a WHILE at the spa?! Girl’s time at its finest!

Everyone deserves a treat every now and then. Even Bella!

Bella's addiction to carrots

Guys!!! She is crazyyyyy about carrots! She’ll do anything for them!

There is something I’d like to discuss with you today. I’ve got a question: What happens to us when we grow up?

Last summer, as I was sitting outside in a square during my lunch break. I saw these two kids. They where having the time of their lives!

be a kid from within

Do you remember being a worry-free kid running and jumping around all day long, climbing trees, falling down, scraping knees and yet getting up laughing and continuing to run? Somehow throughout the years, we tend to lose this ability. Running and jumping becomes a chore or a to-do thing on our daily list. When we ‘fall’, we fall hard. When we get hurt, we tend to shut ourselves off as a defense mechanism.

How about going back to basics and being a kid within again? Not only will this bring in happiness  and enjoyment back into our lives, but also health and success.

i'm too blessed to be stressed


My workout today, as per the Spartan guide, is as follows.

Cross-train: Do this outside.

Jump rope for 10 minutes.
15 walking lunges on each leg
15 push-ups
15 stone deadlifts
Belly-crawl 10 yards
10 stone squat chest-pass (hold the at chest height, squat the stone, then chest pass it as far as possible. Pick up the stone and repeat 10 times)

Repeat the cycle twice.

Super Spartan Run: 4-mile trail tempo run

Warm up 2 miles with a heart rate in zone 2;
Run 4 miles with heart rate in zone 4;
Cool down 2 miles with heart rate in zone 2.

30 sit-ups for 30 days Spartan challenge

fitness happy drug


How do you bring your kid out from within?




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24 responses to “Fitness & Happiness: Bringing The Kid Back Out Found Within

  1. absgoldberg

    lol, I like how your workout uses a stone. Do you happen to have decently sized stones near you? I feel like it would be kind of hard to find a good one. Playing with little kids always brings out the kid in me 🙂

  2. My inner kid ALWAYS comes out when there is a class with those big exercise balls. I find myself just wanting to bounce around on it! It’s fun and releases stress, I might even do it around my house sometimes. (when the kids aren’t home of course ;))

  3. I can’t believe your dog loves carrots. Sometimes Slider even refuses meat or cheese, there is no way he’d ever take a carrot! My inner kid comes out when I’m seeing someplace new or when I’m at the pool/beach 🙂

  4. JEALOUS! I need a massage so badly. That sounds heavenly!
    I love this post. I feel like now that I have my daughter I regularly get to act like a kid again. Last night we were out to dinner and she wasn’t eating her broccoli so I told her we were going to pretend like we were dinosaurs eating trees. So there we were roaring and laughing at eating our broccoli and the table and my husband was sitting there like he didn’t want to be related to us haha. But it was so much fun! (And really effective too. I felt like a genius after that one!)
    I hope you are having a spectacular day! xo

  5. That is what I love about my step kids! I get to play and be a kid again when I’m with them.

  6. hind

    awesome post, hoep you enjoyed that massage .. looking forward to training out this workout over the weekend, Sunshine it is!! Grand prix weekend awaits


  7. Ahh your massage sounds divine. I think I told you on Instagram but ya my pup loves carrots too! So strange. Him and Bella should hang out 🙂 I remember hiking with friends and we decided to just be spontaneous and jump in the water. We were laughing the entire time and felt like kids again

  8. Great workout and i love the idea of bringing out your inner kid!! Honestly, I think back to being a kid and sometimes tear up thinking about how fun and stress free it was!!! Wow, to be a kid again!!!
    My husband and I have really silly personalities so we joke a lot and have lots of fun and sometimes (just sometimes), I feel like a kid all over again!! XOXO!!

  9. Your dog is the cutest!!!

  10. Sounds like a great spa time 🙂

    Our dogs (Norfolk terriers) like most things, but our older girl LOVES carrots … she gets all excited when I am cooking or making salads, hoping for some carrot or parsnip or something 🙂

    I was much more serious before kids, and less flexible … but even now that my kids are older, I still enjoy all of the fun and joy from when they were little – even if that embarrasses them on occasion. 🙂

  11. Great stuff!!! We have two toddlers, and yes, they just run around and go crazy all day long! It’s always fun when they turn on the music (they figured out how a while back) and we have a random dance party!!!!

    • This is too funny! I have a picture from when I was around 1.5 years old sitting next to a stereo with big headphones. I must have loved music back then too. Oh, and I totally played with it too. Now that I’m thinking of it now, it must have been me who broke the stereo too haha!

  12. I’m jealous of your spa time!!

    The best way to bring out my inner kid is to do “fun” workouts – that definitely includes spending time at the track!

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