Strengthen Your Core: Spartan 30-Day Bear Crawl Challenge


Sandals Antigua

Justin is my best friend. He is my everything. It’s kind of scary to think what my life would be like if a friend in common didn’t introduce us. Let me tell you this. It all started from me receiving a text message from her almost 5 years ago saying something across these lines, ‘Hey, are you single? I work with this guy and I think he’s a perfect match for you!’ How crazy, eh?!

The picture above was taken during our honeymoon last September at Sandals resort in Antigua. It was magical… Here is the view from our room.

view from our room Sandals Antigua


*Can you tell I’m nostalgic?!*

There is sooo many things I’d like to discuss today! But I think I’ll have to break it down in few posts in order not to overwhelm you.

So first on the agenda today, the Spartan Sprint is only 2 days away!!!! I CANNOT WAIT! Unlike the Spartan Super I ran about a month ago, this race is shorter: 3+ miles instead of 8+, also the number of obstacles is 15 instead of 21.

Yesterday, I was reading a post written by one of my fellow bloggers from Girl Runs Wild. She was doing a review of her recent adventure: Billy Bland Challenge, which involved climbing numerous peaks starting and finishing at the Moot Hall in Keswick. Her pictures were so beautiful that I couldn’t help but get even more anxious to run my race. The time can’t seem to go by fast enough. SERIOUSLY!

toil and sacrifice


Speaking of the Spartan Race… June is almost over and it means… DRUM ROLL… the new 30-day Spartan challenge is about to begin: to be more precise, in 4 days!!! *Woop woop!!!* 



And the July’s challenge is the ‘BEAR CRAWL’!!!

Start day: July 1
Challenge: Bear Crawls for 30 days

Have you even heard of Bear Crawls before?! *Haha!* Well, I haven’t. And it seems like I’ve been missing out!

Since you are on all fours and moving around, this exercise benefits ‘every muscle in your arms, shoulders, traps, neck, core, thighs, hamstrings, calves, wrists, hands, feet not to mention the anaerobic benefits’, according to Bear Crawls can be done anywhere, all you need is a little room to move around. *Perfect!*

Here’s how the Bear Crawl done properly:

Previous Spartan 30-day Challenges:

never give up


What are your thoughts? Are you on board with me? Any races this weekend?



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29 responses to “Strengthen Your Core: Spartan 30-Day Bear Crawl Challenge

  1. OMG – I guess I didn’t realize you guys had your honeymoon in Sandals Antigua … SO DID WE! Only it was 22 years ago 🙂 Probably a little different now (we’d love to go back at some point!)

    And it is funny how you connect – Lisa and I knew each other through a common friend, but after she graduated college (a year older than me) we didn’t see each other until that common friend was coming to Boston to visit Lisa and suggested I join up and BAM … suddenly now it is 25 years later 🙂

    • This is amazing, Michael! You should definitely go back. It’s a beautiful place to be and the service was outstanding. We did a bunch of activities too, like snorkeling, zip-lining in a rain forest, tva ride up the mountain (or whatever those little cars are called). ❤ xoxo

  2. absgoldberg

    Happy Birthday to your hubby!!! I’m so excited for you to do your Spartan Sprint! I have unfortunately heard of bear crawls before, they go from easy to miserable very quickly. But they’re definitely a very effective exercise.

  3. Those look seriously tough. Might have to give them a try!

  4. Happy birthday to the Hubster! I think I need to incorporate some bear crawls into my life. yet another way to look super creepy and awesome simultaneously! I can’t wait to hear about the sprint! Good luck and have an amazing time!

  5. Happy birthday to your Hubs!! I hope he has a wonderful day! That resort looks gorgeous. I’ve never been to a Sandals but we got married at a Beaches (same thing, but kid friendly) in Turks & Caicos. I miss being in a tropical place.

    I’ve never done a bear crawl, but maybe I will be up for this challenge! I’m always open to new ways to spice up my workouts. 🙂 I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  6. Happy birthday to your hubby! Those honeymoon pics are gorgeous! My sister just visited a sandals resort, not sure which one it was though! Have a good weekend!

  7. I would so love to go to Antigua. It is definitely on the list to go to soon.

  8. Wow – what a beautiful place to honeymoon! I was just reading another blog about bear crawls and was wondering what in the hell they were LOL!

  9. Looks like a good honeymoon, good race, and good workout. Good luck! XOXO

  10. Oh, thank you for the shout out! Best of luck with the Spartan Sprint, it’ll be amazing I’m sure! 🙂

  11. missadventuresinrunning

    Never heard of bear crawls, but they look awesome! It is funny how life works out with finding that special someone! Makes you realize how everything happens for a reason!

  12. GAWWWW happy very belated birthday to your hubby! So cute and crazy that that is how you guys met!! ❤

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  17. Nice bblog thanks for posting

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