Spur Of The Moment Decisions: Small Changes, Big Rewards

Who loves spur of the moment decisions? I DO! Actually, that’s how our weekend started…

On Friday, Justin and I were on our way home from work. I was quite distraught with the news of the Malaysian plane that was shot down in the Eastern Ukraine the day before, and my hubby was trying his absolute best to take my mind off it. Not even 5 minutes later, we received a message from on of our friends inviting us to go up north for the weekend to her parents’ chalet. We looked at each other and smiled. That was a big YES! Within the next two hours, we were packed and on our way.


It was a fantastic getaway! Not only we were able to spend some quality time with our friends, Bella had a blast too. As soon as I woke up on Saturday, I took her for a long walk. She had so much fun; it was pure joy to watch her running around and swimming in this lake.

at the lake

When we came back, I was super excited to do yoga on a patio with a friend of mine. Breathing fresh air makes a huge difference! Plus a workout buddy is ALWAYS good news!

yoga outside

After having late breakfast, our friends and us unanimously decided to go for a 12 km hike up Montagne Noire. Some of you may remember that I already went there at the beginning of May. However, there was still a lot of snow and we weren’t able to reach the top of the mountain because it was too dangerous for our dogs. This time around, snow was not an issue.

Montagne Noire

When we arrived to  the crash sight of Liberator Harry B-24 bomber plane, it was quite emotional. It is crazy to imagine that 20 military men lost their lives in such a beautiful and otherwise perfect place…

crash sight

We spent there some time to honor lives of all Canadian soldiers who fought for our freedom, and headed back home. Now we could really enjoy the walk because there where no more hills to climb. That being said, me being me, I found the biggest rock out there and climbed it to strike a yoga pose. ‘Hey! Why not?!’

yoga in the woods

We left the chalet on Sunday morning to attend a picnic, where Justin and I, once again, had a wonderful time with our family!



I’m sure that I don’t need to convince you that spur of the moment decisions can be awesome, right?! So how about applying this thinking to our daily workouts? I found the following 10 great suggestions in the most recent issue of Runner’s World of how small changes can bring about big rewards:

  1. Add one mile to long or tempo runs – endurance.
  2. Take one step up the race-distance ladder – motivation.
  3. Add one repeat – speed.
  4. Buy one new running item – inspiration.
  5. Add one strength-training exercise – injury prevention.
  6. Add one daily fruit or vegetable serving – nutrients.
  7. Add one dynamic stretch – range of motion.
  8. Add one nightly half hour of sleep – be healthier and happier and more prepared for your next run.
  9. Take a running vacation – excitement.
  10. Add one non-running cardio session – variety.

get stronger each day


How was your weekend? What was your most recent spur of the moment decision you are proud of?



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16 responses to “Spur Of The Moment Decisions: Small Changes, Big Rewards

  1. absgoldberg

    That sounds like such a lovely weekend! Reminds me that I need to go hiking more.

  2. I thought of you and a couple of friends I have from Ukraine (one still there, the other now in California) when I heard about the news … everything over there is just a very difficult situation … and I always am impacted hearing about loss of life. Very sad.

    So it was PERFECT that you guys were able to get away and it looked like a great time!

    We have much more flexibility now to do spontaneous things since the kids are older, but sometimes like this weekend we have too much ‘business’ to attend to (back from vacation, planning more college tours, driver training, food shopping, yard work, etc) … and ran out of time to do the kayaking we wanted … maybe next week!

  3. I thought of you as well this past week with the sad news. I am glad you were able to get away and take some time with your friends and loved ones. How special that you were able to hike and have a moment to honor those whose lives were lost. So happy for a surprise nice weekend!

  4. Wow, you kick ass at yoga!! That looks like such a pretty place.

    I love those ten suggestions – all great ideas 🙂

  5. I’ve always found that spur of the moment decisions normally pay off in a big way! Glad you had a great weekend!

  6. Alex and I have made a few spur of the moment decisions in our time, but one that I recently made was to enter into a little contest for a half marathon this weekend, and I won, and ran it, and it was fab! Also, last weekend, Alex and I finally bit the bullet and decided to take a little getaway this (now coming) weekend. We had discussed it, but kept putting it off. Now we are so excited.
    Best spur of the moment decision this summer, however, was getting on Craigslist based on a weird hunch, and applying to a job in the field that I had just left. SWOON happiness.

  7. What a fun weekend! It looks really beautiful up there! I think my biggest spur of the moment decision was something lame like should take the kids to the park or stay home and swim, lol!

  8. I love that list! Sounds like it was a great weekend =)

  9. I love last minute decisions. It is nice to be spontaneous. The scenery looks beautiful too.

  10. I love spontaneous trips! I’m actually the worst at them because I’m such a planner, but when you just throw caution to the wind it usually pays off. Sounds like a fantastic weekend and quite the hike!

  11. I love being spontaneous and making last minute decisions! It’s kinda what I’m known for in my family 🙂

  12. Impromptu is the way to go, so much fun! I went hiking myself this weekend and loved it. It’s so nice to get away form the city and just enjoy the outdoors.

  13. I went rock climbing and rope jumped into a lake…to remind myself I still have a daredevil spirit and you are never too old to have a lot of fun!

  14. Nice! Looks like an amazing place to visit!!! I love historical trips too – even if they aren’t all that happy. My wife is from Guam and the couple times we’ve visited it’s amazing to see all the WWII stuff everywhere – tanks, planes, etc.
    Spur of the moment trips….with kids it’s nearly impossible, but before I remember one night we just decided to drive to New Orleans for the weekend. We grabbed some friends and siblings and hit the road. It was awesome!

  15. what a fun weekend! I’ve been doing my best to keep moving forward in all aspects of life. xo

  16. Nick Tokman

    I’m so proud of you Olena! You’re really making this work. Much love from the lower 48!

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