Let’s Play Catch Up: Sofia’s 7-month ‘Time Lapse’

Well, well, well… Hello there, lovelies!

How have you all been?

The life has been nothing short of AMAZING in this part of the woods. I’m pretty sure I’ve already said it at least a thousand times, but I love, love, LOVE being a mom! It’s such a rewarding feeling. Plus, Sofia has been such a great baby. I am sooooo lucky!

Can you believe she is 7 months old?! I know, I can’t. Time flies waaaaay too fast! I mean, I love see her grow, but I also want to freeze this moment forever. I’m torn…

Here is a quick ‘time lapse’ for you.

IMG_5209 edit

The day Sofia was born…

Favorite things: Skin-to-skin contact and eating non-stop πŸ™‚

IMG_5699 - 1 month old

1 month

Loves sleeping in a stroller and in a swing, daily walks, daddy’s lullabies and a colorful painting in the living room. ‘Oh, and give me that booby back!’

IMG_6504 edit

2 months

Sleeps through the night, gives smiles every now and then, started going to a yoga class. ‘Aroo, aroo, aroo!’

3 months old

3 months

Very talkative, rolls over from back to stomach, enjoys dancing classes in a carrier and playing with toys on her play mat, sleeps in her own room. ‘Mmmmm! My hand is yummy!’

IMG_7538 edit

4 months

Holds her head very well, treats mommy and daddy to occasional giggles, loves doing airplane and stretching, experiments with funny sounds and smacking her lips. ‘That mobile thing on my bed is fascinating, I’ll definitely try to catch one of those rotating starts sometime soon!’

IMG_8247 edit1

5 months

Loves to talk, sleep on her tummy, explores surroundings by rotating on her belly and likes to lean forward in a booster seat. ‘Who’s that dog licking me all the time? Also, I have feet? Let me taste them!’

IMG_9202 edit

6 months

Fascination by Bella prompted crawling because there is an absolute need to touch that doggy and take away her ball. Loves taking out mommy’s National Geographic magazines from a TV stand one by one. Can sit but has to hold herself up with her hands, flips from stomach to her back. Started on solid foods (first cereal is barley cereal, vegetable – carrot puree, fruit – banana) and water, but breast milk is still the very favourite. Goes to a swimming class. ‘Oh, no, I just dropped that toy… Thank you for picking it up for me! Actually… it’s kind of fun! Go pick it up again!’

IMG_9797 edit

7 months

Loves laughing at daddy’s jokes and when he picks her up by hands and feet. Can sit on her own. Reading lift the flop book Toes, Ears & Nose only one time is NOT sufficient. Bella’s tail, door stoppers and wires are the best toys. Also it is always a great idea to crawl to check on what’s happening in the bathroom and kitchen. Tried out many foods so far, but the absolute favourite are sweet potato, butternut squash and zucchini puree. ‘Is eating chicken necessary? And, mommy, that applesauce thing is just blaaaah…’ Drinking water is fun (has to run down the face and make a bib wet or, otherwise, what’s the purpose?)! Nursing is most entertaining when mommy’s face is being pulled in all directions.

This week there will be a couple of more posts, so be on the lookout!




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10 responses to “Let’s Play Catch Up: Sofia’s 7-month ‘Time Lapse’

  1. Too precious. We go for our first fertility appointment today…

    • Omg! Good luck, Suz! I hope everything goes well and you become mommy in no time! ❀ Btw totally unrelated, but my husband's cousin recently moved to Chicago. I'm secretly excited because I know that the moment we come for a visit there's a chance for me to potentially finally meet you haha! Hell, you better make sure you are available ahaha!!!!

    • Good luck Suz … Heart is definitely with you guys! We went through too many years of infertility and many, many miscarriages … I hope for all the best for you two!

  2. Bless you precious new parents to the most delightful and beautiful baby Sofia in the world!! Or at least to us anyway!! Thank you for sharing your blessings and giving us a wonderful peak into her development!! How special and so much fun to witness!! Thank you and enjoy your new bundle of JOY!! May Sofia have a very blessed, fulfilling, happy and successful life. May blessings chase her down wherever she goes and may she be a blessing to others as she already is to her parents!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§

  3. OMG thanks for sharing all of that cuteness! I have loved seeing pics on FB and Instagram, but having it all together … Precious! Congrats to all of you on your gorgeous little one!

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