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Week Of Hundreds, Honey Oatmeal Facial Mask & Intense Spartan Workout

Hey you, guys! Do you know something? You rock!!!

This week is the week of, what it seems, hundreds. A little bit confused? No worries, I’d be too! *Haha!*

It really wasn’t planned, but the stars somehow aligned. *Okay, fine, enough with suspense!* The thing is, over the past couple of days, the following happened:

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you are awesome


I’d like to thank you by sharing a fantastic recipe for a home-made honey and oatmeal facial mask which will make your skin feel silky smooth, glowing and healthy.

honey oatmeal facial mask

All you need is:

– 3 tbs honey
– 2 tbs oatmeal
– 1 tbs resh lemon juice

Grind oatmeal and mix ingredients together. Apply for 10-15 minutes and thank me later! *Haha!*

facial mask

Just a tiny suggestion: You might want to lie down on a towel. *In fact, I strongly recommend it, unless you want the mask to apply itself on your other body parts. Haha!*

My workout yesterday looked not that bad on paper, but once I started with it, I was on fire! *Burning!*

Here is what I did.

Warm up

5-min jog 

25 yards each:

high-knee walk
high-knee jog
lateral shuffle
straight leg march
straight leg skip
cross-over step
duck walk

Then, I did Dreamweaver 2 & Ab 500 workouts.

cross-train & strength Spartan workout

How’s your week going so far? How do you treat your skin from time to time? How did you incorporate a team workout today?



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