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Making Your Fat Cry

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned a weird obsession of mine: I LOOOOVE making my fat cry. I guess you could call me HEARTLESS! But gosh, I love that feeling when you get into the car right after your workout, and the windows fog up. I remember it once happened to me this summer; my husband even had to roll down the windows because of that! On second thought though, I am not sure if the fog was the only reason… Hmmmmm… How dare he?! I’ll have to speak to him about his manners tonight!

Please, don’t misunderstand me, however; I don’t like to be sweaty and stinky in public! What I love though is to have an extremely productive workout, when you leave the gym knowing that you did your best and feeling accomplished… and sweaty!

After a successful workout

I love getting my heart pumping. And what can be better at that than getting some cardio done?!

I’m not trying to fool anyone here. Running on a treadmill can get super dull. Especially, if you get on it and, say, run at 6.5 miles/hour for 30 minutes. BORING!!!! To be honest, I prefer running outside! But then, when it gets cold, you don’t have much of a choice, do you?

One of my ways of making a treadmill workout more fun and exciting is changing up the routine; more specifically, the speed and incline.  I like to warm up and cool down between sprints at 4.5 miles/hour and incline 7, and then change up speed between 6 and 8 with incline of 1 or 2 during my actual run. This way the time flies by super fast! But there also MAY BE a *tiny tiny* chance of me loving it just because it feels sooooo good when I stop! HA! Did you see this one coming?

I compiled a list of 12 benefits of Incline Treadmill Workout for you. Hopefully, it motivates you just enough to try it out. Personally, I was SOLD on beautiful legs and a nice behind! Between us girls, isn’t it the thing that should matter the most anyway?!

12 benefits of incline treadmill workout

It is important to remember to introduce inclines gradually, honor your body first and foremost! Also keep in mind the following tips:

  •  Watch your form
  • Don’t hold on to the handles
  • Slow down if you need

By the way, have you embarked on the Spartan 30 burpees for 30 days challenge? *#30burpeesfor30days on Twitter*

#30burpeesfor30 days

If not, and you would like to, read on more on it here. If yes, let me know about your progress! I’m already on Day 16! AROO!

Have a super sweaty workout!!! *an incline treadmill workout + burpees are a perfect duo for that*



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Burpee One, Burpee Two, Burpee Three

All of us have a couple of love-hate relationships in our lives. Today I will tell you about one of mine. To be honest, I am not even quite sure if I LOVE to hate it or HATE to love it. How confusing can it be?!?!

And… DRUM ROLL… His Majesty The Burpee!

Here is a quick background to one of the ULTIMATE full body exercises out there.

Once upon a time there was a great man, Lt. Thomas Huddleston Burpee. His middle name was indeed Huddlestone, even though many would argue that it was Horrible or Horrendous instead. But then, why would anyone say such a terrible thing about a World War I veteran??? Well, the truth is, this is the guy who invented burpees as a part of his doctoral thesis. Yes, yes, I am referring to that bad@ss exercise that combined a squat, push-up and vertical leap, and was later incorporated in the training of elite military folks and top-notch athletes… and Spartans…


Kick feet back


Return to squat

Stand and end with jump

Since I am intending on getting the Spartan Trifecta  next year, I was super excited to hear about the Spartan Race challenge last week. All you have to do is 30 burpees for 30 days (or, obviously, add them to your current workout routine), as simple as that! You don’t have to do them in one set, if you can though, good for you! I personally do 3 sets of 10, but you can do how you please as long as you don’t injure youself. The key is  to perform sets in quick succession in order to rip all of the conditioning benefits of the exercise.

#30burpeesfor30 days

And let me tell you, IT KILLS YOU! But you look so cool and bad@ass while doing them (BINGO!), and just a couple of minutes later, you feel incredibly strong and … sweaty! Once, I heard someone saying that when you sweat, it’s your fat crying… Let me tell you, I LOOOOOOVE making my fat cry! Hahaha! Am I alone?!?!

7 reasons to include burpees in your workout

So what I am encouraging you to do is to start this challenge today, if you still haven’t done so! Join the movement on Twitter by writing #30burpeesfor30days, and make sure to let me know by linking it to my Twitter account @CandiesCrunches. It’s always easier when you’re a part of something bigger!



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