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Let’s Talk Addictions: How To Wear A Scarf

So today’s post is a little bit out of the left field. I have a revelation: I’m in love with scarves. Yup, scarves!!!



Okay, that’s not exactly how I wear my scarves. But, hey, whatever floats your boat! Haha!

When Justin and I went to Italy 3 years ago, I was blown away.

Colesium edited

I mean, how could I not?! Ahaha! *Just kidding! But those statues were, let’s just say, a great bonus!*


The architecture was spectacular, people – welcoming, food – delicious. However, if I said that Italian women wore their scarves as a piece of jewelry, that would be an understatement. They wear it as if it was a piece of art! And let me tell you, even though I love scarves, I am pretty clueless as to how to wear them. *I know! It doesn’t even make sense! RIDICULOUS!*

Also as some of you may or may not know, spring in Canada is non-existent. One moment, it’s winter.

winter in Canada


The next – full blown summer.

summer in Canada



That being said, I want to make the most of it, even if only for a week. Check ça! *Look, I went all French Quebecer on you!*

ways to tie a scarf


Any other scarf addicts out there? What’s your favorite way to wear a scarf?





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Let’s Talk Addictions And Why They Can Be Good For You: Tea & Coffee

It IS possible after all to have addictions that are good for your health! What I am referring to here is coffee and tea. *Okay, okay, addiction with moderate consumption. Haha!*

Check out these cute DIY His & Hers Sharpie Mugs I did last year as per instructions of ABM. *Hands down, the best crafty blog out there!* Oh, and I also love collecting cute cups!!! *Not pictured here, long story short, my not so cutsie puppy bit through the camera lens of my cell, and I was too lazy/mad to take out my real camera.* 

his and hers cups - edited

Usually, I have one or the other at least once a day. However, I think the winter and the cold have finally caught up with me, so I’ve been having a long Nespresso espresso *sounds funny to me for some strange reason* in the morning, and a cup or two of tea throughout the day over the past few weeks.

you're my cup of tea


I like to switch up the tea according to my mood. Some of my recent favorites are: Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Jasmine, and Mint.

One of my best friends, Emma, once introduced me to the proper high tea experience. It was DELIGHTFUL! I felt like her Majesty the Queen herself *a tiny bit of exaggeration here*: drinking high quality tea out of fine china cups and munching on a great assortment of finger sandwiches, scones and fine pastries.

*I MISS MY BEST FRIEND!!!! Just FYI, she left me and lives in Toronto now… SAD FACE!*

with bestie

*This picture was not taken during our Royal Delight Afternoon Tea haha!*

Check out the following Infographic.



What are some of your healthy addictions? Are you more of a coffee drinker or tea lover?



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Breaking The Perpetual Cycle Of Sugar Addiction: The Sugary Truth, Its Hidden Sources & Proven Ways To Win The Battle

Hi darlings!

So I’ve got a little bit of a problem… You remember how about a week ago I said that I wanted to do a small detox? Well, I’m failing at it… And my biggest problem is cutting down on sugar!

You see, the last two-three weeks of February are normally super intense and stressful in the industry I work in. When I am stressed, I tend to crave sweets. The more sweets I eat, the more I crave them. As you can imagine, it becomes somewhat of a crazy cycle.

Sugar addiction - the perpetual cycle


As if it wasn’t bad enough, I decided to share some extra sugary truth with you. *BOOM! Just because I can! Haha!*



To top it off, sugar:

  • is guilty of the creation of dental plaque & cavities;
  • triggers weight gain;
  • feeds cancer cells;
  • promotes premature aging, etc.

are you a sugar addict


According to The Telegraph, you’re addicted to sugar if you answer ‘yes’ to one of the following questions:

1. Do you struggle to walk past a sugary treat without taking ‘just one’?

2. Do you have routines around sugar consumption – for example, always having pudding, or needing a piece of chocolate to relax in front of the television?

3. Are there times when you feel as if you cannot go on without a sugar hit?

4. If you are forced to go without sugar for 24 hours, do you develop headaches and mood swings?

Fortunately, I am a kind of person who stops craving sweets all at once if I don’t have any of them for about a week or so. Thus, the hardest step for me is pretty much to lower the consumption of sugar, and it’s an easy ride from there on.



*So dramatic! Hahaha!*

There are a few ways to curb the craving. Here are some of them:

  • MAKE A DECISION TO CUT BACK ON SUGAR *I mean, you gotta be committed! and mentally prepared for the challenge!*
  • Limit the amount of sugar you put in tea and coffee;
  • Substitute juice for water;
  • Watch out for ‘fat-free’ snacks;
  • Start reading labels;
  • Beware not only of artificial sweeteners but also ‘healthy’ sugar options *it still sends the same signal to your brain = I WANT SOMETHING SWEET!!!*;
  • Don’t overdo on fruit consumption;
  • No soft drinks *DUH!*;
  • Give preference to plain yogurt;
  • Swap sugar for cinnamon *This is genius!*;
  • OH, AND STAY AWAY FROM THE SWEETS AT THE STORE!!! *Oh, you knew I wouldn’t forget this one!*

8 hidden sources of sugar


Now, share your secrets with me! What is your biggest sweet addiction? What works for you when you try to cut down on sugar?



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