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CanvasPop Christmas Giveaway

Hi friends!!!!

Can you believe it’s December already?! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And to celebrate, my friends at CanvasPop are giving you the chance to win your Christmas. *You may recall my collaboration with them last spring.*


Featuring prizes from VISA, Apt2B, Toys R Us, and Best Buy, CanvasPop has got the perfect prize pack to help you fill up your stockings with gifts for the whole family.


Prize pack includes:
$1,000 VISA Gift Card
$200 Best Buy Gift Card
$200 Toys ‘R’ Us Gift Card
$400 Apt2B Gift Card
$500 CanvasPop Gift Card
Samsung 40” 1080p Smart TV

So what are you waiting for? Enter tomorrow to win this awesome prize pack and make this Christmas one to remember!


Additional Contest Details:

The Win Your Christmas giveaway will run from December 2 – 11, 2015.
The giveaway will close on December 11 at 11:59PM (Pacific Time).
The winner will be notified via email on December 12.
The contest is open to residents of the US and Canada.
Individuals are limited to 1 entry per email address but may gain additional entries through entry methods specified on the giveaway landing page.

Good luck!!!



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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you beautiful people out there! Enjoy this day with the ones who are the most dear to your heart!


Just in case you missed it, read on how to tame your appetite this holiday season. But most importantly, enjoy yourself, because it is OKAY to have a treat from time to time!


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Lazy Friday

Let me tell you something, I had GRAND plans for today! After getting home from work, I was going to pick up dry cleaning, have an intense workout, and maybe even wrapping Christmas gifts… But the truth is, it’s a blizzard outside and all I want to do is to curl up under the blanket and relax! *BUMMER*

This got me thinking. How often do we actually take time to rest and re-energize, especially during the holiday season? There is so much craziness in the air that it’s soooo easy to get caught up in it. Very often we even forget the true meaning behind Christmas!

Anyhow, I decided to treat myself with a lazy evening a.k.a. a guilt-free-no-working-out-day! BOOM! It’s very important to emphasize on the GUILT FREE part because way too often that’s not the case. However, this time around, it’s going to be super easy! Why? Because we are getting our puppy tomorrow! I’ve been waiting for this moment to happen for at least 5 years now!

Here are some ideas for YOUR lazy Friday night.

Lazy Friday Ideas

What do you think? What are you favorite ways to relax?


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7-Minute Workout That Will Keep You In Shape

On the days when the temperature drops to close to -30 (Celsius), it may be very difficult to convince yourself to go to the gym. It’s like, thanks, but no thanks! Also, with Christmas only a week away, everyone is busy doing last minute gift shopping. *Yup, I’m talking to YOU, procrastinator!* So whatever your reason may be, I wanted to share with you a workout I do on the days when I simply can’t make it *or don’t want to make it… Hey! I gotta be honest!* to the gym. Let me introduce you to a 7-minute workout.

7-minute workout

As the name implies, the workout lasts only 7 minutes. *Even a super lazy person will find it hard to refuse such a deal!* It was initially published in the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal and involves 12 exercises that have to be done in a rapid succession with 10-second breaks in between them. Each move has to be done for… wait for it… a GRAND total of 30 seconds! In a fancy fitness world, they call it High-Intensity Circuit Training; between us, simple people, all it is is an interval training, meaning that you have to put maximum effort into any given exercise and do as many reps as possible within a 30-second time frame. Sounds simple enough, right?!

Well, don’t be fooled by an apparent simplicity of this workout! Since it was invented by SMART people a.k.a. scientists, “even a few minutes of training at an intensity approaching your maximum capacity produces molecular changes within muscles comparable to those of several hours of running or bike riding.”; and that’s according to the New York Times. *WHOA!*

So don’t be shy, give it a try! And if you feel EXTRA frisky,go at least 2 or 3 times through the entire routine. Believe me, your body will be grateful, especially AFTER the holidays!

Now it’s your turn! What do you do to stay active when going to the gym is not that much of an appealing option?



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Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution List!

As the holidays are quickly approaching, so is the ‘season’ of setting New Year’s resolutions. Personally, I see it as a good thing and a bad thing. Good – because people tend to see the new year as an opportunity to start fresh, and bad – because they tend to come up with a list of somewhat unattainable and unrealistic goals that are forgotten only after a few weeks.

Think about it, the majority of gym subscriptions happen in the first two weeks of January. There is an overflow of people, not necessary because they really want to work out, but because they feel bad about all the food they ate during holidays. So after a couple of weeks, when the excitement is worn out, anxiety, guilt and disappointment settle in as people fail to keep up with their own expectations. And that SUCKS!

In my opinion, you should set ACHIEVABLE and yet CHALLENGING goals. The problem with shooting for an unrealistic goal is that you may set yourself up for a failure.  It’s so much easier to give up when you see that you’re far from reaching your goal. However, once you set a manageable goal and achieve it, you’re motivated to combat another challenge. Not only it’s a healthy way to go about it, it’s also SUSTAINABLE. Would you agree?

Say NO to New Year's Resolutions

Therefore, this year, I say, DITCH your list of New Year’s resolutions and say YES to a healthy lifestyle. Set realistic but challenging goals every week not to prove something to someone, but to better yourself and to have a great healthy life!

Who is with me? 



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It’s a Hump Day, You Need a Drink!

First of, CONGRATULATIONS on making it so far! Two more days and it’s the weekend! WOOHOOO! Second of all, I DON’T have a drinking problem, and, yes, you NEED that drink, and it is okay! Haha!

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we often are in the mood for a special treat: it could be a hot chocolate with whipped cream, an eggnog latte or… GLUHWEIN!… Wait! What in the world is it???

Glühwein (“glow wine”) or, as it is also called, mulled wine, is in essence a warm mix of wine, spices (such as clove and cinnamon), orange and sugar or honey. This alcohol beverage has its origins in Germany, where it is very popular to this day, especially during Christmas holidays. The drink was reportedly created back in the XV century, when thrifty Germans decided to add a few things to the wine that started going bad to make it drinkable again. That is INSANE, don’t you find?!

Glühwein is perfect for wine lovers! I can guarantee you that this mixture will warm you right down to the tips of your toes and make your day so much better and special! WORD!

The perfect way of drinking it would be curled up under the blanket with your loved one, listening to a crackling sound of a fireplace *which I don’t have, BUMMER!*… Just writing this makes me want to go up north to mountains and be surrounded only by nature!

On another note, you’d be surprised, but Glühwein has many health benefits too! *Uhemmm… when drunk in moderation…*

• Cinnamon reduces blood sugar & boosts antioxidant levels
• Orange is a great source of vitamin C
• Red wine – prevents heart disease & increases levels of ‘good’ cholesterol


Original recipe makes 6 (4 ounce) servings


1 750 ml bottle of dry red wine (merlot, shiraz, cabernet or zinfandel)
½ cup of orange juice
¼ cup of honey
½ teaspoon of nutmeg
1 cinnamon stick
1 orange, sliced into 6 pieces
12 whole cloves


1. In a large saucepan, combine orange juice, honey, nutmeg and cinnamon. Bring to boil, reduce heat, and simmer.
2. Embed 2 whole cloves in each orange slice and add to mixture.
3. Simmer for 30 minutes, until thick and syrupy.
4. Pour in the wine warm at low heat until steaming but not simmering. Add more sugar or honey to taste.
5. Strain out whole spices and orange slices, and serve hot in glass mugs that have been preheated in warm water (otherwise, they can break), garnished with a cinnamon stick or an orange slice.

Gluhwein is ready!


**Important! Do not boil!**
** Also since the drink is warm, it gives an extra kick, don’t drink and drive!**



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14 Ways to Make Your December Super Special

I can’t believe that November is almost over! Even though it’s been a pretty cold week in Montreal, I’m still not mentally prepared for winter. Are you in the same boat?

I have noticed that when it gets cold, many people tend to stay indoors and go to coffee shops/restaurants more often. I am certain that you would agree that neither of these options is good on our wallets or health. Also, let’s be honest here, it gets annoying and boring after a while, right?

In order to solve this little problem and to make my December more interesting and exciting, I decided to create a To Do list. There you can find some of budget-friendly activities I planned and fun ideas to spice up your winter… or to simply find an excuse to cuddle with your loved one! What? I’ve heard cuddling is good for your health… I swear! Especially, when you’re curled up under a blanket with a nice glass of wine, with Christmas songs playing in the background, and a Christmas tree with lights shimmering in the room…. Swoon… Oufff! I get carried away easily, eh?!

December To Do List

Without a doubt, just for fun and to make it more interesting for you, I kept a couple of things off the list! I love to keep you guessing! Sneaky? I know! I guess you’ll have to wait a bit!

Meanwhile, I’d like to share a couple of images on how my husband and I bring a Holiday Spirit to our home.

Home Sweet Home Our Xmas tree

Also, I’d love to hear about your plans to spice up the winter. What are your favorite OLD Christmas movies? Do you own an ugly Christmas sweater? Please, don’t be shy and let me know in the comments below! I promise I won’t judge!

Happy Friday!



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