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Tricky Spartan Workouts, Spartan Code, And How You Can Help Save Peoples’ Lives With Dollar Shave Club

You know that feeling when you think that your workout is going to be a breath of fresh air, only to realize how wrong you were?! I mean, how hard can a sequence of dumbbell lunges, split jump lunges, plank walk and shoulder taps be? Well, it was tough! I have a long way to go!

hard workout


Many of you have asked why I chose to participate in the Spartan Trifecta this year. I have covered it a little bit (here and here); however, there is more to it. Look at this.

Spartan Code


Now think about it for a moment. The Spartan Race is not only a way to stay fit, it is a lifestyle. The Spartan Code encourages everyone to be better: physically, emotionally and socially. And I LOVE that! Their mission statement is even better: You have one life to live, why not strive for greatness!

your excuse is invalid


In the picture above is Marine Corporal Todd Love who lost both of his legs and one arm in Afghanistan. Guess what? He completed the Race! Isn’t this one of the greatest examples of how beautiful life can be regardless of the circumstances?!

Speaking of giving back, 2 days ago I got an email from Cassie Jasso, a community manager for Dollar Shave Club. I am sharing their video with you solely because I find it hilarious!

Anyhow, Cassie approached me to help them in spreading awareness for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month this March.

Cancer is a very personal subject to me. My grandfather passed away from cancer. To me, there is no difference what kind of cancer it is. All I know, it is deadly; however, people like you and me CAN make a difference in saving peoples’ lives and finding cure.

action now


Colon Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related death in the US. And 5% of Americans will be impacted by the disease in their lifetime. To put it into perspective, that means 25,000 of Dollar Shave Club’s 500,000+ members could be affected. Wow.



Dollar Shave Club is joining forces with the Colon Cancer Alliance to tell the 23 million Americans at risk for Colon Cancer that they need to get a colonoscopy. Colon Cancer is 90% curable, but only when it’s found early. They’re also giving the Colon Cancer Alliance 5% of One Wipe Charlies’ March sales to help raise money for the cause.

You can follow their efforts this month using #DSColon and at dollarshaveclub.com/cca. Dollar Shave Club will be sharing facts, tips, and stories all month long, plus a special announcement from their CEO, Michael Dubin.

In fact, right now, they are donating $1 for every Share they get about Colon Cancer via Facebook, Twitter, and even Email; check out their blog for more details: dollarshaveclub.com/cca!  Please, help the Colon Cancer Alliance raise money and awareness!

world without cancer


As a workout today, I have Medusa’s Challenge.

Run 15 minutes (in my case 30 minutes because I wasn’t able to get my run in yesterday).

Perform 1 minute of each exercise, with 10 seconds of rest in between:

Repeat entire sequence 3 times (+ 30 squats for 30 days challenge).


What’s your workout today? What causes are dear to your heart? How do you make a difference?



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