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Fashion & Health: 10 Trends That Are Bad For You

Fashion is always lots of fun! I’m sure that pretty much every single lady would agree with this statement. And you know what? As long as it doesn’t turn into an obsession *even though I totally looooove and have read the entire Shopoholic series by Sophie Kinsella*, it could be treated as a great passion/hobby/stress-reliever for anybody out there.

But what happens when at some point the popular trends actually become dangerous for our health? Should we forego health for looks or vice?

10 fashion trends that are bad for your health


I personally don’t wear high heels every day, just on special occasions. However, I do remember that when I lived in Ukraine, majority of women wore them all times despite the pain or discomfort; and what’s even more scary, I was one of them.

What are the trends you’re trying to avoid? How do you manage potential health hazards? I’d love to hear your opinions! Bring it on!



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