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Tame Your Appetite This Holiday Season

I haven’t been completely honest with you… I need to confess… I’ve got a PROBLEM!
Every single year I put a HUGE effort to stay in shape throughout the fall-winter. I workout, I pay attention to what I eat, and I consume sweets in moderation… and then… the holidays come… and I SNAP! Somehow eating a piece of cake at a work party, being fine, becomes eating a dessert every other day, which is NOT fine. And a week or two later, I feel like a MONSTER. Am I the only one???

Help! I can't stop eating!!!
Anyhow, regardless of how you feel *just kidding*, I decided to tackle the problem before it actually became a problem! I compiled a list of tips on how to keep your appetite under control and avoid unnecessary overeating. Voila!

Before heading out the door:
  • Have a nice sweaty workout * You can understand it whichever way you want, I think both of the ways are equally effective HAHA!*
  • Sign up for a race to stay motivated, and save some money. *Normally, there is a discount for people who register earlier. And, hey, who doesn’t like deals?!*
  • Stay hydrated *add some lemon or lime to your water to change it up*
  • Have a salad dressed with lemon juice only or a hard-boiled egg right before going to a party
At the party: 
  • Trade soft drinks and juices for  water, and sugary cocktails for red wine or low calorie drinks like gin tonic
  • Choose simpler foods (steak, green beans, baked sweet potatoes)
  • Give preference to protein and fiber to fill you up faster
  • Eat out of smaller plates *FOOL your stomach*
  • Sit next to a slow eater *You can appreciate them for once!*
  • Chew slowly & try to put your fork down after every single bite *TALK and enjoy the company!!! Isn’t it what the holidays are all about anyway?!*
  • Finish your plate before serving more
  • Finish your drink prior to refilling your glass
  • If possible, have drinks out of tall skinny glasses to create the illusion that you’re drinking more *sneaky, sneaky* 
 After the party:
  • Go for a nice workout *see above*
  • Keep treats hidden to avoid temptation
  • Share leftovers with the family and friends *Don’t be greedy!*
What are your thoughts? How do you control yourself? 


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