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Let’s Talk Addictions And Why They Can Be Good For You: Tea & Coffee

It IS possible after all to have addictions that are good for your health! What I am referring to here is coffee and tea. *Okay, okay, addiction with moderate consumption. Haha!*

Check out these cute DIY His & Hers Sharpie Mugs I did last year as per instructions of ABM. *Hands down, the best crafty blog out there!* Oh, and I also love collecting cute cups!!! *Not pictured here, long story short, my not so cutsie puppy bit through the camera lens of my cell, and I was too lazy/mad to take out my real camera.* 

his and hers cups - edited

Usually, I have one or the other at least once a day. However, I think the winter and the cold have finally caught up with me, so I’ve been having a long Nespresso espresso *sounds funny to me for some strange reason* in the morning, and a cup or two of tea throughout the day over the past few weeks.

you're my cup of tea


I like to switch up the tea according to my mood. Some of my recent favorites are: Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Jasmine, and Mint.

One of my best friends, Emma, once introduced me to the proper high tea experience. It was DELIGHTFUL! I felt like her Majesty the Queen herself *a tiny bit of exaggeration here*: drinking high quality tea out of fine china cups and munching on a great assortment of finger sandwiches, scones and fine pastries.

*I MISS MY BEST FRIEND!!!! Just FYI, she left me and lives in Toronto now… SAD FACE!*

with bestie

*This picture was not taken during our Royal Delight Afternoon Tea haha!*

Check out the following Infographic.



What are some of your healthy addictions? Are you more of a coffee drinker or tea lover?



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