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Runner’s Life: Toenails Are For Sissies!

Happy Monday y’all!

I am so so excited about this week! Why?

  • It’s my sissy’s *she’s actually my sister-in-law, but to me – she is my little sister* prom;
  • It’s a holiday here in Quebec on Tuesday = short week at work;
  • My hubby turns 27 on the 27th;
  • I am doing a Spartan Sprint this Sunday!!!

so excitedSource

Good thing I remember it all! I know, it’s kind of hard to remember important events. But guess what, on Saturday we went to visit my parents and it was my mom who pointed out that it was exactly 2 years since Justin proposed to me!!! *HOW CRAZY! I can’t believe I totally forgot about it! I must be getting old… haha!*

 walk in a park

I took it easy that day and did some stretches in the evening when both of my loves were asleep in front of the TV.


On Sunday, however, I decided to suck it up and went on my first ever 10 mile run.

my first 10 mile run

*Unfortunately, Bella is still too little to join me… Sad face…*

It actually ended up being a bit more than 10 miles: 16.8 km in 1:56:40. I know, it’s slow, but hey, I know I’m gonna get there. I was suffering from stomach cramps for the first 2-3 km, then it was going smoothly until the last 2 km, when my legs were shot and burning. As they say, no pain no gain. Other than that, a pretty enjoyable run despite the heat and humidity.

i have a question


Now, I need some advice from you, my dear experienced runners. One of my toe nails is REALLY not pretty *As my hubby puts it, it looks unappealing, to say the least. That’s one of the major reasons why I don’t want to put a picture of it here.* It looks like there are 2 layers: the first is a new nail and the second – the old. They are still attached on the right side, but I have a strong feeling that it won’t last for too long. I don’t know what to do with it. I am afraid that if it comes off, it will make my Spartan Beast, which is only 5 weeks away, even more uncomfortable. At the same time, I think that if it doesn’t come off now, it may happen during the race.



What should I do? Is there any special way I should bandage my toe when I go running? Oh, and of course, let me know how your weekend went, I want to know everything about it!!!



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