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Food Labeling And What You Should Know About GMOs, Also Super Spartan Trail Run & Medusa’s Challenge

Please, don’t kill me guys, recently I’ve become obsessed with infographics. The reason being is that I am a visual person, and I find that just by looking at an image I can learn and absorb much more than by reading the same thing as a plain text. I hope you don’t mind, and if you do, definitely let me know!!! *You’re the best!*  

Recently I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the labels of products that I am buying. However, at the same time, I know that they can be misguiding. And to top it all off, I have no clue what majority of the ingredients even mean. Well, I definitely try to avoid those products, but still! So I wanted to look more into it and see if there is anything new that I could find out for myself. And as a result I came across this.

Food Labeling Infographic


After reading through it, I am really concerned about how much more I don’t know! It’s quite disturbing! What do you think?

Workout of the Day

Actually, today was supposed to be my rest day. However, my husband and I made some plans with our friends to go up north in the mountains for the weekend. Since we’ll be driving there right after work, the chances of me working out on Friday are extremely low, and on Saturday – well, it really depends on weather, but I highly doubt that I’ll be able to get a nice run in. Therefore, I decided to something different today and combine 2 workouts from my 12-week training schedule: Medusa’s Challenge & Super Spartan Trail Run.

Decision to try

Warm up well.

Perform 1 minute of each exercise, with 10 seconds of rest in between:

Repeat entire sequence 3 times. * I promise, I will attempt to! However, please, don’t be mad at me if I do it only 2. Haha!*

Steady state 4 miles run: run in zone 2 and the low end of zone 3.


What are the things that you look for and paying attention to when grocery shopping? How important is the amount of calories when you are choosing between different brands?




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Vitamin Pills: Good or Bad? Also 25 Most Commonly Eaten Fruits & Their Benefits

Nutrition is one of the key aspects that is detrimental to success and well-being of any athlete. *I bet you didn’t know about it! Haha!* As someone who doesn’t have any nutritional background, every single time I walk into a grocery store I face a big dilemma. I always try to choose the healthiest, most nutrient-filled food from thousands of choices. Not that I can’t pick anything *Thankfully, I don’t suffer from indecisiveness! Fewhhh!*, but I always question whether all fruits and vegetables that I buy can indeed provide me with all vitamins and minerals that I need in order to properly fuel my body.

Normally, I would complement my diet with vitamin pills; however, as of recently, various (usually contradicting) health reports  made me question their effectiveness as well as their safety and potential harmful side effects on my health. I’m kind of worried since most of them are synthetically made.

Since I’m still looking into this issue, I figured I can as well educate myself a little bit more about nutritional benefits of various fruits and vegetables. *I mean, one doesn’t hurt another, right?!* 

I found this image.

periodic table of vitamins


And this one.

Healthy Fruits & Their Benefits


Despite the great benefits of the above mentioned products, we neglect to realize that very often we get only a fraction of them. Why? Because depending on the method of preparation (or incorrect cooking), the nutritional value is drastically decreased, if not wiped out completely. So how can we preserve vital nutrients in food?

  • Choose whole vegetables & fruits over pre-cut ones
  • Try to stick to seasonal & local food
  • Consider canning or freezing some food for winter
  • Cook gently: reduce cooking time, temperature & amount of water added
  • Cut fresh produce right before consumption
  • Avoid reheating at all cost
  • Give preference to a quick rinse as opposed to soaking whenever possible

What are your thoughts on vitamin supplements and pills? How do you preserve the nutritional value of your food?



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Workout Nutrition: The Ultimate Guide

For some reason lately I’ve been hearing more and more girls making comments about how unhappy they are with their weight. It might be an effect of the post holiday season, but I also blame media for influencing the way we see ourselves. However, this feeling is not strange to me either.


Source: Image by Samantha Hatten

As a former gymnast from Ukraine, I struggled with my body image for many years as well. From a very early age, I’d been constantly weighed in front of others and told about how my body should and shouldn’t like. When I went to a university, many of my friends started dieting, and I even remember how at some point I hadn’t eaten anything at all for a few days and drank just water.

I’ve never really been overweight, and yet only a couple of years ago I didn’t feel comfortable wearing short shorts or a bathing suit… And this is SO WRONG! I am sick and tired of a perceived image of what our bodies should look like. Our happiness should not depend on a number on a scale!

Even though I feel comfortable with the way I look now and for the first time in my life don’t strive to lose any weight, I am still learning about how to eat properly. It’s definitely challenging to change old habits. Yet, if there is willingness, everything is possible! Don’t you think?

Anyhow, I found this great guide on Pinterest and figured I’d share it with you. Oh, c’mon, don’t give me that “I eat properly already” excuse, there is always room for new knowledge and improvement! *BOOM!* Fueling our bodies before, during and after the workout is detrimental to our fitness success. Therefore, without further ado: the ultimate guide to workout nutrition.

Ultimate workout nutrition guide


What are your thoughts about this guide? What are your favorite pre- and post-workout food? I’d love to know!



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