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The Art of Packing Your Travel Bag & The 5-4-3-2-1 Rule To Travel Lighter

OMG! I can’t believe it’s Monday already! And I am actually pretty excited!



Okay, guys, don’t be so shocked. It is indeed possible to be excited about Monday!!!

Fine, I’ll admit to it. There IS a reason I am happy today. I’ve been keeping it from you for a while and I can’t hold on to it anymore out of my pure excitement!

don't put off your happy life


I’ll be travelling to Europe in a week and a half!!! I KNOOOOOW, this is so excting! I haven’t been there in almost 3 years, and this time around I have Ukraine, France and Spain on the itinerary. I’m super stoked to see my family and friends, and explore all places I’ve never been to before. Woop woop!

travel does the heart good


Needless to say, last two days were spent brainstorming on what gifts I should get and for whom. I might have had a bit of a panic attack and a mental break down, but then I decided to be a big girl and took the situation under control. I was surprisingly lucky when I went shopping, I am almost done! The only big tasks left are: to book a couple of bus tickets between cities in Spain, hotels in Paris and Barcelona, and… well… PACKING!



I really liked the idea behind the 5-4-3-2-1 rule to pack lighter.

pack lighter


Obviously, I need to make sure to include my workout gear too: a sports bra, 2 tops, jogging pants and light-weight running shoes *more on that tomorrow*. I am super excited to go for jogs in new places, therefore, it’s a must. Also, the Spartan Race is only 6 weeks away!!!

Here are some more suggestions I came across online.



What are the things you can’t travel without? How do you avoid taking too mucg with you?



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