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The Ultimate Guide To Good Posture & Better Posture Workout: Exercises To Improve Posture And Prevent Hunched Shoulders

I have never really told you what I do for living. Without going too much into the detail, I work in the financial industry. Working in the finance, as you can imagine, very often means that I sit all day long and stare at the computer screen while doing my best at securing my clients’ financial future. So the key word in the previous sentence was SIT… Sit all day long! It wouldn’t be too bad, but I have a horrible habit of sitting in the ways that are not good for my back. Most of the times you will see me sitting on the edge of a chair, even when I’m eating at home, which is a big no-no, or with my legs crossed. I don’t even know why I do it because it is not even a particularly comfortable position! *I know, you can call me dum-dum from now on!*



Anyhow, with ┬áRRSP season (Registered Retirement Savings Plan: a Canadian program to help residents save for retirement and reduce their taxable income at the same time) quickly approaching, my days are getting busier and busier. Thus, the last thing on my mind will be thinking if I’m sitting properly. So I decided to be proactive and educate myself a little bit more about what I could do in order to keep my back straight and avoid injury.



As you also know, good posture is critical to a runner’s success. Try this workout to improve your posture and to prevent hunched shoulders.

Now it’s your turn! Does your job require sitting for prolonged periods of time? How do you stay aware if you’re sitting properly?



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