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Morning Yoga: Cute Bunnies & All Other Great Benefits That Come With It

It’s FUH-ridayyyyyyy! I guess, it’s needless to say but…

I love Fridays


So ummmmm, about that workout I did on Wednesday….. my behind still hurts!!!! Ahahaha! Those damn lunges, so good and so painful! Has this ever happened to you? I mean, I REALLY underestimated the routine! Today I was really in no shape to complete a 30-minute run yesterday.



I am super happy today is the rest day. My body could definitely use a break. Therefore, the only thing I really have planned is a short morning yoga routine. But then, who would say no to these super adorable bunnies?!

morning yoga


It’s a very short routine, but I can guarantee you that you’ll be full of energy and positivity for the rest of the day, once you complete it.

According to Urban Nirvana, there are 7 benefits to practicing yoga in the morning:

  1. Yogic breathing stimulates your body and mind. *Save on coffee!* 
  2. Improves your self-esteem. *Who doesn’t like feeling accomplished?!*
  3. You will be peaceful, all day long! *Imagine! ON FRIDAY!*
  4. Get a healthy glow. *Just in time for Friday night HA!*
  5. Speeds up metabolism. *Buh-byeeee extra weight!* 
  6. Helps to build a healthy, consistent workout routine.
  7. Regulates your sleep rhythm.



Now, that’s how my weekend workout looks like.


– Super Spartan Trail Run: On trails (in my case, on the treadmill), run in zone 2 and the low end of zone 3 for 4 miles.
– AB 500


Spartan Bike

Warm up for 10 minutes in zone 2.
Repeat 6 times:
– Ride 3 minutes in zone 4.
– Ride 1 minute in zone 2.
Cool down for 10 minutes.

workout motivation tip


What are your plans for the weekend? How do you recharge your ‘batteries’?



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TGIF: 10 Strange Ways To Stay Healthy (& Smiling)

It’s Friday! I honestly don’t know how I’ve made it so far. It’s been a super busy week for me at work and I am super excited to have a nice and relaxing weekend.



Frankly, my brain is fried, so I wanted to keep today’s post short and sweet… and FUNNY! Because as you may remember, laughter is great for you!

I came across the following infographic. To be honest with you, it seems like it’s gonna be a very healthy Friday for me! Haha! Well, take a look at it for yourself.

10 strange ways to stay healthy


Here is the plan:

1. Wake up & have a nice cup of coffee. Actually, I’ll make it a nice Caramel Nespresso Latte! *I know, I know, it’s sugary and stuff, but honestly, guys, I deserved it!*

2. Take a nice shower & make sure to sing extra loud to wake up my hubby! *I’m pretty sure, our beautiful Bella will join me in making noise! After all it’s our 6-monthaversary today!!!*

3. Listen to music on my way to work. *I really hope they will play Lorde’s song. I’M OBSESSED!*

4. People watching on a bus is very often better than comedy! *CHECK!*

5. I’ll make sure to drink enough water at work. *Baby, please, put 2 bottles of water in my lunch bag! Haha!*

6. Make friends? New clients ARE friends… Right?!?! Okay, I’ll just be very friendly with them. *Note to my boss: friendly & PROFESSIONAL!!!*

7. Hmmmm… Dark grape juice…I guess, I’ll just opt for a nice glass of wine after work. *Winner!*

8. I’ll floss! Pinky swear!

9. Well… I’d say it’s TMI! *You really didn’t think I would go into this, did you?! Haha!*

So as you can see, it sounds like a very promising and healthy day for me!!!



It’s all about staying positive, right?!?! Haha!

Are you aware of any other strange ways to stay healthy? Any fun plans for the weekend? Do you sing in a shower?



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