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Trip Recap: Paris Is Always A Good Idea (Part 1)

I’ve been terrible! It’s been almost 2 months since I got back from Europe and I never did any recaps of my trip. Mostly, it was caused by the situation in Ukraine and my grandma’s health. I just couldn’t bring myself up to it…

As probably some of you remember, my brother and I went to France, Ukraine and Spain. It was a beautiful two and a half week trip, and I’ve got to admit, I miss that European charm here in North America. It must be all the history and culture that comes with it.

ready to leave01

Today I’d like to share with you some bits and pieces from Paris. It’s a majestic city, and I truly fell in love with it. It even makes up for their Charles-des-Gaulle airport! *Let’s see who else missed their connecting flight there? Haha!*

It was definitely WAYYYY colder than I expected it to be, and I didn’t bring any other shoes apart from my flats. This was the last time I listened to my friends who kept on telling me that it was ‘warm’ there and I shouldn’t worry. *Running shoes weren’t the option because they didn’t complete the look. Silly girl!*

During our first day, we covered a lot of ground. Here are some of the highlights.

The first place we went to was Arc de Triomphe. To be honest, I didn’t expect much, but I was completely blown away by its beauty and detail.

Arc de Triomphe

The next stop? Ladurée!!! Are you even surprised? It only took us about half an hour to get in there. *Thank God, my brother was patient with me!!!*
Shortly after *when my happiness finally set in, and I was able to walk with some seriously delicious macaroons in my hands*, we headed to Place de la Concorde, which was a short walk away. It’s kind of crazy to think that many people were executed there by the guillotine during the French Revolution, including King Louis XVI…
Place de la Concorde
Somehow whenever I think about the dark periods in history, I never imagine people dying in beautiful places like this square *Not that I think of people dying, period!*… Or is it just me?
As you can see, the skies cleared out by then and when we looked around, there was this beautiful view.
What I really regret is not being able to run here: The river Seine and its surroundings are breathtaking!
Next, we passed by the Hôtel des Invalides, where Napoleon Bonaparte is entombed. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get in because it was late in the evening. According to what I read, even Napoleon’s frock coat, hat, coronation saddle and even his actual horse, Vizir *Eeeesshhh!*, are there!!!
Hotel des Invalides
By the time we made it to the Eiffel tower, it was getting darker. And that’s when we witnessed magic when it was lit up: a truly unforgettable moment! *Too bad my hubby wasn’t there with me… tear…* 

Eiffel tower
We opted not to go to the top of it because, frankly, I was shivering from being cold. So we just walked around to take in the joyful atmosphere and the beauty of the view.
*To be continued…*
Have you ever been to Paris? What impressed you the most?


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Let’s Talk Addictions: How To Wear A Scarf

So today’s post is a little bit out of the left field. I have a revelation: I’m in love with scarves. Yup, scarves!!!



Okay, that’s not exactly how I wear my scarves. But, hey, whatever floats your boat! Haha!

When Justin and I went to Italy 3 years ago, I was blown away.

Colesium edited

I mean, how could I not?! Ahaha! *Just kidding! But those statues were, let’s just say, a great bonus!*


The architecture was spectacular, people – welcoming, food – delicious. However, if I said that Italian women wore their scarves as a piece of jewelry, that would be an understatement. They wear it as if it was a piece of art! And let me tell you, even though I love scarves, I am pretty clueless as to how to wear them. *I know! It doesn’t even make sense! RIDICULOUS!*

Also as some of you may or may not know, spring in Canada is non-existent. One moment, it’s winter.

winter in Canada


The next – full blown summer.

summer in Canada



That being said, I want to make the most of it, even if only for a week. Check ça! *Look, I went all French Quebecer on you!*

ways to tie a scarf


Any other scarf addicts out there? What’s your favorite way to wear a scarf?





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