Food Labeling And What You Should Know About GMOs, Also Super Spartan Trail Run & Medusa’s Challenge

Please, don’t kill me guys, recently I’ve become obsessed with infographics. The reason being is that I am a visual person, and I find that just by looking at an image I can learn and absorb much more than by reading the same thing as a plain text. I hope you don’t mind, and if you do, definitely let me know!!! *You’re the best!*  

Recently I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the labels of products that I am buying. However, at the same time, I know that they can be misguiding. And to top it all off, I have no clue what majority of the ingredients even mean. Well, I definitely try to avoid those products, but still! So I wanted to look more into it and see if there is anything new that I could find out for myself. And as a result I came across this.

Food Labeling Infographic


After reading through it, I am really concerned about how much more I don’t know! It’s quite disturbing! What do you think?

Workout of the Day

Actually, today was supposed to be my rest day. However, my husband and I made some plans with our friends to go up north in the mountains for the weekend. Since we’ll be driving there right after work, the chances of me working out on Friday are extremely low, and on Saturday – well, it really depends on weather, but I highly doubt that I’ll be able to get a nice run in. Therefore, I decided to something different today and combine 2 workouts from my 12-week training schedule: Medusa’s Challenge & Super Spartan Trail Run.

Decision to try

Warm up well.

Perform 1 minute of each exercise, with 10 seconds of rest in between:

Repeat entire sequence 3 times. * I promise, I will attempt to! However, please, don’t be mad at me if I do it only 2. Haha!*

Steady state 4 miles run: run in zone 2 and the low end of zone 3.


What are the things that you look for and paying attention to when grocery shopping? How important is the amount of calories when you are choosing between different brands?



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14 responses to “Food Labeling And What You Should Know About GMOs, Also Super Spartan Trail Run & Medusa’s Challenge

  1. love this…. I have it bookmarked!!!

  2. It’s rest day here too – but while I’m tempted to break it, there isn’t any reason I won’t be able to run tomorrow… Plus, my recovery has been slooooow and I need the break!

    I definitely look at calories, but I more focus on the nutrients. I try to avoids all GMOs and I get a diet pretty high in fat (especially for a runner) since that’s when I feel the healthiest! Great infographic!

  3. That info graphic is worrying, definitely! The percentages of GMOs mentioned are crazy, hope they are lower for us here in Europe.

  4. My husband is a scientist and he says that just because a food/plant is genetically modified, doesn’t mean it’s dangerous. The modification could be from using something harmless, hence, a harmless modification but people would still argue that it has to be labeled. The label of GMO can be used as a scare tactic to stay away from progress and new things. Of course, on the flip side, the food/plant could be found to be dangerous in the long-run. There hasn’t been enough time for studies to really give conclusive results and there are too many kinds of genetic modifications to really say all genetic modifications are bad (or vice versa that they’re all good for that matter). Generally though people grasp the negative even though the people spreading the negative don’t have all the facts. My dad also has friends who are farmers (family of farmers with farmer friends and farmer relatives etc) and they all buy genetically modified seeds. It’s so difficult to make ends meet (we’re not even talking about making a profit) for farmers that they often have no choice but to buy the modified seeds. This whole GMO scare is, I’ve found, hardest on the farmers who are trying to survive year to year. Most of them don’t even make a profit while a lot of them go farther and farther into debt each year. I have to stay away from many kinds of foods anyway because my body can’t handle them but I don’t think I’d be very worried about eating GMOs. As for MSGs, I don’t think the States are allowed to have that in food anymore. We find them in Vietnamese and some Chinese food but none of those restaurants in my town are any good so…

    • Katie – I largely agree (also scientist, but in optical metrology and statistics), but what I have read about Monsanto in particular is that there is a lack of experimental data to support their methodology, and that due to how pollenation and propogation occur it is becoming increasingly difficult to not see an impact of the GMOs upon EVERY seed and crop.

    • Very interesting! Thank you very much for sharing, darling. I’ll have to look more into it. xoxo

  5. Just have to say that I continue to LOVE your infographics! 🙂 As Katie mentioned ‘genetically modified’ isn’t by itself a bad thing, but as more and more research is done … the news is increasingly not good. It reminds me of refined sugar and ‘corn sugar’ … the more we learn, the less we like it!

  6. Thank you for posting this! We definitely do not know enough about GMOs. I am avoiding them as much as possible, and I will continue to read about them as more is discovered. I have a whole page dedicated to the education of GMOs on my blog but I tell people they should decide for themselves. I know I have and I will continue to go GMO free! Feel free to check out my blog any time, other than helping to inform others of what exactly genetically modified means, I write about living an organic lifestyle on a budget. Looking forward to reading more from you!

    • Hi Jenny! Thank you so much for stopping by! I just had a look at your blog. And I have two things to say. First, YOU GOT ME SUPER HUNGRY! I mean… Who does that? Those vegan ‘meatballs’ got me drooling! Second, I AM looking forward to reading more from YOU! Great meeting you!!!


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