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Sofia’s 1st Birthday

It’s been a little over a week since our little princess turned one.

As a first-time mom (not sure it will be any different in the future though), it was an emotional day for me. I was very happy, yet nostalgic.

This year went by waaaay too fast. It feels like it was yesterday when Justin brought Sofia to my face so I could see her and kiss her for the first time as doctors were stitching me up. I still tear up at the thought of hearing her cry for the first time and not being able to see her for a couple of minutes because of the screen. I remember how she stopped crying the very same moment she was reunited with me. She was so tiny and wrinkly and I was in love.

Sofia has grown so much! And so did our love for her. She is our perfect little girl and we couldn’t be any prouder. She now weighs 19.5 pounds and is about 71 cm tall.

Educators at the daycare don’t stop telling us how independent Sofia is. She is always on the move, touching things, exploring the world around her. She likes to spend more and more time standing up and to walk around the room while holding on to furniture, walls, doors. Sometimes she lets go without realizing it and stands on her own for several seconds. I’ve learnt to keep my excitement in not to scare her off.

Sofia likes to play peek-a-boo among other games.

Sofia loves eating cut up fruits and berries, and cheese… She’ll eat cheese anytime! And if she likes you, she’ll even share!

I still breastfeed her, and I’m loving every single moment of it!

For her first birthday party theme we went with Minnie. She had a blast, and so did we. And I’d like to share with you some memories of her special day. ENJOY!

1 - IMG_2229

Thanks for popping by!

2 - IMG_2238


3 - IMG_2274

Fruit wands

4 - IMG_3321

Pink Fruit Punch

5 - IMG_3329

Mommy’s & Daddy’s wishes

6 - IMG_3330

Sweet table

7 - IMG_7386

Minnie smash cake

8 - IMG_7404

It took a while to dig in, but it was a SUCCESS!

9 - IMG_7421

Minnie Birthday cake for our mini Sofia!

10 - IMG_3378

Blowing the candle with mommy’s help

11 - IMG_7357

So happy together!

12 - IMG_7364

Play, play, play!

13- IMG_2340

New favourite toy!

What emotions did you experience before your baby’s first birthday?

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Tame Your Appetite This Holiday Season

I haven’t been completely honest with you… I need to confess… I’ve got a PROBLEM!
Every single year I put a HUGE effort to stay in shape throughout the fall-winter. I workout, I pay attention to what I eat, and I consume sweets in moderation… and then… the holidays come… and I SNAP! Somehow eating a piece of cake at a work party, being fine, becomes eating a dessert every other day, which is NOT fine. And a week or two later, I feel like a MONSTER. Am I the only one???

Help! I can't stop eating!!!
Anyhow, regardless of how you feel *just kidding*, I decided to tackle the problem before it actually became a problem! I compiled a list of tips on how to keep your appetite under control and avoid unnecessary overeating. Voila!

Before heading out the door:
  • Have a nice sweaty workout * You can understand it whichever way you want, I think both of the ways are equally effective HAHA!*
  • Sign up for a race to stay motivated, and save some money. *Normally, there is a discount for people who register earlier. And, hey, who doesn’t like deals?!*
  • Stay hydrated *add some lemon or lime to your water to change it up*
  • Have a salad dressed with lemon juice only or a hard-boiled egg right before going to a party
At the party: 
  • Trade soft drinks and juices for  water, and sugary cocktails for red wine or low calorie drinks like gin tonic
  • Choose simpler foods (steak, green beans, baked sweet potatoes)
  • Give preference to protein and fiber to fill you up faster
  • Eat out of smaller plates *FOOL your stomach*
  • Sit next to a slow eater *You can appreciate them for once!*
  • Chew slowly & try to put your fork down after every single bite *TALK and enjoy the company!!! Isn’t it what the holidays are all about anyway?!*
  • Finish your plate before serving more
  • Finish your drink prior to refilling your glass
  • If possible, have drinks out of tall skinny glasses to create the illusion that you’re drinking more *sneaky, sneaky* 
 After the party:
  • Go for a nice workout *see above*
  • Keep treats hidden to avoid temptation
  • Share leftovers with the family and friends *Don’t be greedy!*
What are your thoughts? How do you control yourself? 


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