The New Spartan Challenge + The Most Effective Squat Workout From Fitness Blender – Drop It Like A Squat!

Good morning darlings!

I apologize for not checking in with you for a few days. As I mentioned last week, I am really preoccupied with what’s been happening in Ukraine, especially with my trip there only a bit over a month away *my hubby is not excited about me having to go there without him at all*. Plus, I was not in my top physical shape, that’s for sure. Anyhow, let’s forget all about it, it’s a new week.

take what you need


Obviously, there are many updates. Come on, don’t underestimate me!

First of all, in my quest to lower sugar intake, I decided to give up all chocolate and cookies for Lent. *There, in your face, sugar!*

I love chocolate but it makes my clothes shrink


Our 4-month old German Shepherd puppy is a big girl now. She had her first training class… and she lost her first 2 teeth! Aweeee! *Just in case, these 2 events were NOT related! Haha! Imagine!*

Toothless Bella - German Shepherd comic

Oh, and I made poached eggs for the first time in my life! *I know, what a shame. But then, it’ better later than never, right?!*Β Sorry, there is no picture. I was too hungry, plus my hubby made some delicious hash potatoes. Yum!

Also, do you remember my recent post on squats? The timing was perfect. Why? Because, there is a new 30-day challenge from the Spartan Race!!! Woop woop, I looooove love love those!!! (you can see previous challenges here and here).

So this time around is… DRUM ROLL… 30 squats for 30 days!!!



Even though the challenge started on March 5, don’t hesitate to take it on. All you have to do is to do at least 30 squats per day for 30 consecutive days. EASY PEASY!

If in doubt, here is how to perform a correct bodyweight squat:

That being said, you are not limited to a particular type of a squat. Therefore, you can change it up every day and work different muscles.

What else is important to remember is that “Many people find that they cannot perform this movement until they increase their mobility. A quick warmup and gentle stretch can help to you feel ready to attempt a bodyweight squat. The full squat requires sufficient core stability and glute activation, so be patient and focus on quality not quantity.”, according to the challenge organizers.

Feel like challenging yourself even more? Try this 100 squat workout from Fitness Blender one of these days, or maybe even to conclude the Spartan challenge. Why not?!

How was your weekend? Will you join in on the Spartan squat challenge? What are the ways you like to challenge yourself from time to time?



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27 responses to “The New Spartan Challenge + The Most Effective Squat Workout From Fitness Blender – Drop It Like A Squat!

  1. Funny story: my family had always adopted adult rescue dogs so when Joe and I rescued puppy Slider, he was my first puppy. I didn’t know puppies lost their teeth like kids and I was playing tug with him and one of his teeth fell out. I thought he was gong to be missing a front tooth forever and I called Joe crying that “I broke our puppy.”

  2. So funny – my husband loves the spartan challenges!! We started adding the extra 30 to the end of our work out routine. Looking good πŸ˜‰

  3. Sounds like a good squat challenge! Until my friends got a puppy it had never occurred to me that they lose their teeth, so cute πŸ™‚

  4. absgoldberg

    kudos to you for giving up chocolate and cookies for lent. I gave up chocolate one year and it was hard!

  5. I totally want to do that squat challenge but I am saving it for post marathon! And your dog is super cute!!

  6. daydreamsandshoestrings

    Holy cow…that second video is INTENSE πŸ™‚ What a great challenge for yourself! Perhaps I will try a variation of this in April. OH! And Super Cute Pup πŸ™‚

  7. Hahaha your fingers in your pup’s mouth. She’s adorable!! I never really noticed when my dogs lost their teeth. Is it completely weird and creepy that I always wanted to keep one of their baby teeth? Don’t answer that…

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